yarn @nrwl/cypress 14.2.2

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9 months ago

14.2.2 (2022-06-08)

Bug Fixes

  • angular: add exports to package.json in the ng-packagr-lite executor (#10630) (26488c2)
  • angular: prevent deleting library's root package.json file on windows machines (#10635) (9e91baf)
  • core: custom executor package resolution should work when not using nx-plugin (#10624) (adec3e0)
  • core: handle non-existing cli entry in nx.json in migration to remove default collection (#10632) (d4274b3)
  • misc: fix printing duplicate generators that are actually extensions (#10625) (ab00752)
  • nx-plugin: generator and executor generators should work in js libs (#10621) (8fc70ce)
  • react-native: use appsDir when generating app (#10606) (e493611)
  • react: set migration to use nx cli (#10638) (a1f3e0e)
  • testing: update @nrwl/cypress peer deps (#10618) (b9012fa)


  • storybook: Custom .babelrc in Storybook (#10551) (52f824c)
  • web: enable allowDeclareFields for @babel/preset-typescript (#9805) (5809b8b)

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