yarn @nrwl/cypress 14.2.1

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9 months ago

14.2.1 (2022-06-07)

Bug Fixes

  • angular: add missing angular packages to the v14 migration (#10530) (20a509d)
  • angular: apply default eager packages correctly #10496 (#10596) (339b129)
  • angular: do not configure e2e test runner when generating a library (#10553) (ec90625)
  • angular: fix component export logic to handle internal modules and secondary entry points (#10517) (2b1591d)
  • angular: fix implementation path to setup-tailwind schematic (#10545) (5ec5497)
  • angular: handle paths correctly on window when migrating angular cli workspaces to nx (#10611) (f828da9)
  • angular: update remote entry component selector to use the provided prefix (#10561) (edea01a)
  • core: do not create project graph when creating a sandbox in create-nx-workspace (10e9992)
  • core: ensure createPackageJson sorts dependencies consistently (#10476) (7ee93f0)
  • core: ensure pnpm v7 install when peer deps are missing (#10522) (daa5cfe)
  • core: fix outputs migration (#10575) (41882bf)
  • core: new and migrate commands should exit with code (#10491) (affa979)
  • core: print normalized generator name instead of aliases (#10574) (2fb1059)
  • core: require.resolve(m/package.json) is not guarunteed to work for modern module format (#10497) (7f7bc1a)
  • core: swc should be an optional peer dependency (#10461) (c9897c6)
  • devkit: add options allow trailing commas for parsing json (#10538) (925a27b)
  • docs: yarn1 does not need -W flag (#10419) (a7e2d0c)
  • js: return empty array if no helper dependencies found (#10582) (5daeaf8)
  • js: semver regex update (#10416) (c0a0f16)
  • linter: relative paths should be correct on windows (#10604) (838170e)
  • nextjs: update e2e test case to cover env variables exported from libraries (#10532) (89d9d9a), closes #9633
  • nx-plugin: handle nx.json without npmScope during plugin generation (620b858)
  • react-native: rename blacklistRE to blockList in metro.config.js (#10607) (df61381)
  • react: fix external option for @emotion/react (#7870) (a2c22eb)
  • react: fixes typescript override error in the render method of a generated app (#10069) (0407d8a)
  • storybook: allow NX_* environment variables (#10061) (bb166a5)
  • storybook: dont generate stories for stories (#10570) (d48a709), closes #10286
  • storybook: fix migration (#10573) (8b12832)
  • storybook: ignore addon-notes from version update (#10568) (189c036), closes #10484
  • storybook: optional chain includes (#10567) (a49ee7e), closes #10482
  • testing: fix ts-node migration version (#10578) (26177d1)
  • web: enable tree shaking (#8296) (85b1857)
  • web: fix dev-server deprecation warning (#10203) (daddcde)


  • angular: add x-type to host and remote generators (#10479) (33b5142)
  • angular: support angular v14.0.0 (#10559) (eea2470)
  • angular: support angular v14.0.0-rc.2 (#8883) (62afcb7)
  • angular: support angular v14.0.0-rc.3 (#10543) (26edb49)
  • angular: support auto-serving known dynamic remotes (#10475) (0c241ee)
  • angular: support exporting standalone component in library's entry point file (#10544) (98014dd)
  • angular: support tailwind.config.cjs as valid config file in library executors (#10531) (c6af229)
  • core: ability to pass extra target deps when invoking commands (7ce487e)
  • core: add the flag to stop execution on first error (7bfceb6)
  • core: deprecate affected:apps and affected:libs (#10524) (0844ab9)
  • core: do not double prefix output when running nested commands (9d0d0f2)
  • core: install packages after migrations have run and dependencies haven been modified (#10415) (7aec02e)
  • core: make nx.json optional (e491c6f)
  • core: migrate to prettier ^2.6.2 (#10499) (d53000a)
  • core: outputs should be able to interpolate project properties (876d4d8)
  • core: prefix when using --output-style=stream (844679e)
  • core: prompt for available generators (#10463) (3bcaa18)
  • misc: update typescript to 4.7 (#10560) (914f0ce)
  • nx-plugin: add plugin eslint rules (#9697) (10363e3)
  • react-native: upgrade metro to 0.71.0 (#10598) (d038b70)
  • storybook: change react stories template to use ComponentStory and ComponentMeta (#10490) (b35e383)
  • storybook: choose to generate ts config (#10572) (1de896f), closes #10394
  • storybook: updating to Storybook 6.5 (#10450) (9199123)


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