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10 months ago

14.1.9 (2022-05-25)

Bug Fixes

  • angular: add types to tsconfig.editor.json correctly (#10316) (43d5e62)
  • angular: fix angular mfe when use NormalModuleReplacementPlugin with path alias ends with /* (#10355) (f25e94a)
  • angular: return error when name is missing from package.json (#10356) (0de895d)
  • angular: throw error when npmScope is incorrect (#10366) (9808e65)
  • angular: when generating --preset angular and --cli nx use angular readme at root (a2d9d56)
  • core: bump nrwl/ci workflow versions (399f2ab)
  • core: call pnpm run without -- for pnpm v7 (#10305) (7b7fc89), closes #10111
  • core: default project is not set correctly (7f5137d)
  • core: do not default to white color (271c3d4)
  • core: ensure updateStorybook in nrwl/workspace:move handle direc… (#10399) (124fd7d)
  • core: include types/node in deps when adding workspace-generator (#10388) (c17a086)
  • core: preserve dash casing when passing args to executors (6351413)
  • core: use absolute paths when resolving package.json files (8198b78)
  • devkit: parseTargetString should support targets with colons in the name (#10400) (e439718)
  • js: format .lib.swcrc file with nx format (#10254) (17c4022)
  • js: move swc/helpers to dependencies instead of devDependencies (#10275) (692418d), closes #10270
  • linter: do not remap paths that cannot be matched on fix (#10371) (5baaab4)
  • linter: make entry point check for ts paths more specific (#10365) (4863e51)
  • misc: misc fixes (e6f73a8)
  • node: add workaround for handling sub processes in node:node executor (#10292) (7b9b0cd), closes #9305
  • react: migrations should not crash when adding development configuration (#10261) (c35b13d)
  • repo: fix add-to-monorepo test (#10333) (0c8eade)
  • repo: fix pnpm v7 install config (#10361) (d0ece6e)
  • repo: update package group during publishing (#10411) (2814a86)
  • storybook: some storybook doc and other fixes (#10387) (76b8e66)
  • testing: add tsquery as a dep for jest (#10454) (36a7144)


  • angular: expose builder functions (#10252) (b1cc187)
  • angular: support alternate remote entry filenames #10206 (#10432) (a299469)
  • angular: update postcss deps for new and existing workspaces (#10358) (4c85e07)
  • core: make nx prefix customizable (80259e1)
  • core: support customizing command header (8fddedf)
  • detox: upgrade detox to 19.6.9 (#10306) (714d1a9)
  • js: implement a smarter compiler (tsc, swc) helper dependency d… (#10297) (36010c1), closes #10270
  • react-native: upgrade metro to 0.70.3 (#10307) (0bee597)
  • react-native: upgrade react-native to 0.68.2 (#10380) (5192b09)
  • storybook: change executors to use buildDev instead of standalone (#10385) (80b4439)
  • storybook: use native storybook/angular executor (#9332) (51b66d1)
  • web: add support for Node ESM when used to package SSR-ready library (#10349) (70f1a6b)

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