yarn @nrwl/cypress 14.1.0
Release 14.1.0

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10 months ago

Bug Fixes

  • angular: add missing alias for the component generator (#10038) (b381e38)
  • angular: cleanup ports on exit of mf server (#10060) (b78d353)
  • angular: don't share angular mfe package (#10059) (0e5f4d5)
  • angular: fix stylus import (#9950) (be1d157)
  • angular: normalize project name and don't default to npmScope as prefix when it's not a valid html selector (#10116) (0e21fa0)
  • angular: shared transitive npm deps from host and remote applica… (#9997) (4d17b32)
  • core: align yargs options in workspace-generator with generic opts passed to other commands (#9953) (0ce7ce6)
  • core: allow daemon to disable glob cache (#10031) (fa81e3b)
  • core: automatically add root to the project.json projects (#9977) (5e23c07)
  • core: calculate dependencies of mixed targets (#9942) (e3817ef)
  • core: correct log message when uninstalled plugin is referenced in nx.json (#9994) (1d2bd1c), closes #9976
  • core: emit success false in compileTypeScriptFiles if typescript diagnostic contains errors (#10068) (a395e48)
  • core: fix having multiple versions of nx/devkit (#9998) (3d56368)
  • core: fix migrating old workspaces without nx (#10011) (83ba230)
  • core: fix migrating workspaces without any task runners configured (#10065) (d5877a9)
  • core: move removing roots migration to 14.0.6 (#10066) (8f5a826)
  • core: normalize paths in ng cli adapter when finding matching files (#10113) (cfe21b2)
  • core: pnpm exec check not matching for v7 (#10004) (68207ef)
  • core: refine move and remove generators for projects with a target name (#10063) (bef8240)
  • dep-graph: fix label width calculation (#10044) (01fa62d)
  • devkit: don't replace begining undescore when creating file (#9870) (0bd08cc), closes #8875
  • devkit: update ejs (#10072) (9254998)
  • js: .swcrc path should be customizable (#10118) (a68120a)
  • js: add missing --tag flag to the publish command (#10014) (5dbc98f)
  • js: update minimal publish script to validate project name and config (#10006) (c5a5eb3)
  • nextjs: fix support for custom distDir (#10106) (e07ef9f)
  • nx-plugin: allow async project graph processors (#10026) (3ffa7f8)
  • nx-plugin: create-nx-plugin should generate valid import path (#10107) (62d0535)
  • nx-plugin: e2e project paths should be normalized (#10123) (7d9397f)
  • nx-plugin: executors that spread async generators should work locally (#9956) (c3d30a4)
  • react-native: add migration script to change the main tag to className (#9957) (869edb7)
  • storybook: include all react exports for story generation (#10030) (a74ed0e)
  • web: option --no-runtimeChunk is not working (#7747) (0c614b2)
  • web: use cjs format for rollup if umd is not set (#8919) (6db252b)


  • angular: support migrating angular cli workspaces with multiple applications (#10020) (2e8e1a4)
  • core: mark implementation packages as affected if their corresponding type declaration package is updated (#10083) (9fc0a18)
  • core: switch cnw ci option to be single-select (#10007) (899e0ca)
  • misc: add noop executor for cases when we need to define a target hat does nothing (942e89a)
  • misc: add syntax sugar for dependsOn (470a240)
  • misc: move run-commands executor to nx (e6738ab)
  • nextjs: update styled-jsx to match the version supported by next.js (#10101) (2ad824a)
  • nx-plugin: add --includeHasher option to generate hasher boilerplate (#9891) (99fcb78)
  • react-native: add upgrade-native generator to upgrade native code (#9925) (6e72dc6)
  • react-native: upgrade metro version to 0.70.2 (#9961) (d439d4b)
  • react: update react packages (#10093) (0f2edf2)

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