yarn @nrwl/cypress 13.9.0
Release 13.9.0

latest releases: 14.4.6, 15.8.8, 15.9.0-beta.9...
12 months ago

Bug Fixes

  • angular: strip trailing slash from directory #9263 (#9314) (3c39c31)
  • core: correctly reexport from nx to preserve backwards compat (94f575a)
  • core: fix a typo in a migration (7b4ee52)
  • core: reexport package-manager (86aaeb6)
  • js: default swcCwd to '.' to prevent ENOENT error when invoking swc cli (#9256) (71bd3e1)
  • js: fix inconsistent tsconfig module casing (#9320) (5c0da2f)
  • misc: handle tsx files correctly when excluding specs (4191318)
  • misc: reexport tokens that from nx (0f7cf34)
  • misc: report should include nx-plugin (#9312) (db93879)
  • repo: temporary disable tests (53a0528)
  • storybook: fixing the static-dir issue (#9313) (dbbd7ef)


  • angular: add buildLibsFromSource option to @nrwl/angular:webpack-browser executor (#9334) (a82edb1)
  • angular: default export of scams to true (#9331) (c4f9646)
  • core: add a migration to replace nrwl/cli and nrwl/tao with nx (48a5d19)
  • core: reorganize packges to consolidate all cli-related code in nx (6f038e7)
  • web: add proxy config support to file-server executor (#9225) (48d32ac)

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