yarn @nrwl/cypress 13.8.4
Release 13.8.4

latest releases: 15.9.2, 15.9.1, 15.9.0...
13 months ago

Bug Fixes

  • angular: align root karma config when migrating from angular cli to match the one for new workspaces (#9144) (cef4bbd)
  • angular: change --preserveAngularCLILayout to --preserve-angular-cli-layout (#9051) (33c9ca9)
  • angular: improve angular cli migration when using --preserve-angular-cli-layout (#9064) (ebaf8f6)
  • angular: karma migrator fixes (#9063) (5d9176e)
  • angular: set the right defaultBase when migrating an angular cli workspace (#9050) (dfcc853)
  • angular: upgrade karma and fix settings (#9056) (01dba86)
  • core: batch calls to git hash-object to avoid E2BIG error (efedd2e)
  • core: improve output color consistency across terminal themes (#9133) (471f7be)
  • detox: remove extra build target from project config (#9089) (b602c52)
  • devkit: fall back to the target default config when reading target options and the config is not provided (#8932) (e677a1d)
  • js: adjust destination directory for swc executor (#9072) (5527724)
  • js: update dependencies in package.json (#9073) (4287d59)
  • linter: make sure hasher has all the tags (#9110) (3c45a1c)
  • misc: format:check not checking all affected files (#9152) (ea33428)
  • react: component generator outputs correct CSS module setup (#9084) (e6941e4)
  • web: fixes force down compilation for non esm bundles (#8907) (68e9435), closes #8639


  • angular: support migrating angular cli workspaces using cypress for e2e tests (#9105) (615955a)
  • core: use package manager workspace globs to find projects (#9131) (5964379)
  • node: consolidate js and node plugins (#9086) (95f5a08)
  • storybook: add styles and stylePreprocessorOptions to the executors (#9057) (fc018cd)

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