yarn @nrwl/cypress 13.7.1
Release 13.7.1

latest releases: 15.9.0-beta.11, 15.8.9, 15.9.0-beta.10...
14 months ago

Bug Fixes

  • core: cacheDirectory resolution (#8760) (8576330)
  • core: check if taskRunnerOptions exists (#8762) (3cdc681)
  • core: fix dot notation parsing (#8763) (490c66f)
  • core: fix git support detection (#8764) (1f6c170)
  • core: fix the issue introduced by 45c9ee09 (a7b1065)
  • core: warn when daemon fails to start (4e5b48d)
  • misc: don't disable chalk when FORCE_COLOR is set (#8226) (f178217)
  • node: the type keyword may either be a string or an array (#8744) (5a74c02), closes #8112

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