yarn @nrwl/cypress 13.5.0
Release 13.5.0

latest releases: 15.9.0-beta.11, 15.8.9, 15.9.0-beta.10...
14 months ago

Bug Fixes

  • angular: configure tailwind content and purge properties for libraries (#8556) (ad72d7a)
  • angular: fix adding nx to angular workspace with cypress (#8550) (e69b893)
  • angular: update tailwind content glob pattern to ignore stories and tests (#8637) (5afd3d6)
  • core: add an extra check to list for lock file changes (3e0e30e)
  • core: adding missing @nrwl packages to report (#8644) (4577548)
  • core: fix crash in hash of project when imports of unregistered npm packages (4e11378), closes #7225
  • core: fix perf logging (3ed436b)
  • core: fix typing of dependsOn property (#8570) (2cb3499)
  • core: Leave passthrough parameters untouched (bc2d9c0)
  • core: move life cycle file out life-cycles to fix deep imports (7c236a2)
  • core: throw errors when collected terminal output cannot be found (#8623) (f57d4c2)
  • js: fix a typo in description (1e3906e)
  • linter: avoid secondary entrypoints flagging as circular dependencies (#8564) (86c510b), closes #8059
  • linter: make eslint peer dependency optional (#8622) (e105514)
  • misc: handle migrating packages with numbers in the name (#8598) (736df25)
  • misc: setup package manager workspaces for core preset (#8621) (5c921d8)
  • node: disable name mangling when building for production (50baf92), closes #8537
  • react: enforce valid jest config when creating workspace with react preset (#8626) (5e66bab), closes #8354
  • testing: cypress.json options not taken into consideration (43a7802)
  • testing: fix jest migrate 13.4.4 script handling missing transform property (#8595) (93095f5), closes #8566


  • angular: pass webpack-browser builder options & target to customWebpack configuration function (56aed61)
  • core: add nx graph as alias of nx dep-graph (#8539) (07ebdb3)
  • core: align the dynamic and static outputs (#8625) (67e242f)
  • core: do not use the daemon when inotify limit is reached (950c941)
  • core: enable dynamic output by default (56e7407)
  • core: migrate to prettier ^2.5.1 (b9c3c10)
  • core: speed up file map creation (#8597) (9e75918)
  • js: improve watch mode support for tsc and swc builds (#8502) (4070eae)
  • js: use same asset handler for both tsc and swc (#8615) (2b376be)
  • repo: add a script to fetch nx issues (59f98e4)
  • repo: move gatsby plugin to nx-labs repo (#8617) (f231cfc)

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