yarn @nrwl/cypress 13.4.6
Release 13.4.6

latest releases: 15.9.0-beta.11, 15.8.9, 15.9.0-beta.10...
14 months ago

Bug Fixes

  • angular: do not format when skipFormat is passed for generating a lib (#8549) (c72520e)
  • angular: expose executors sources (#8368) (a7a7c55)
  • angular: remove invalid style option from the library generator defaults (#8515) (b5b666f)
  • angular: skipFormat files when converting to Nx project (#8387) (c2115c2), closes #8386
  • core: add license field (#8542) (39b134a)
  • core: affected logic should get file hashes from graph (f00a0b5)
  • core: allow for creating a project graph without any root tsconfig.json at all (#8545) (0c31a99)
  • core: change default folder for daemon assets to cache dir (75cc52f)
  • core: correctly check if on azure CI (c238f16)
  • core: create new env variable for performance profile and add documentation (#8479) (eabeebc)
  • core: daemon should reinitilize hasher when doing reset (6c75057)
  • core: run command is swallowing errors from angular builders (#8571) (dc2ed97)
  • core: update @nrwl/js package with nx migrate latest (#8363) (b73da63), closes #8362
  • core: use the default configuration in dep tasks (ccda8cf)
  • js: fix npm module resolving (#8316) (#8352) (931ba3a)
  • linter: move eslint to peer dependencies (#8552) (bf22b2b)
  • misc: fix format to not use supported file extensions (#8548) (452146e)
  • nest: add missing resource generator option (#8310) (f30b8a3)
  • node: properly set ng-add as alias for init (#8512) (1a82c1c)
  • react-native: add babel.config.json at root for react native project (#8467) (2a9e92e)
  • react-native: add test-setup to exclude in tsconfig for react native (#8429) (8fdec37)
  • react-native: update typing for svg in react native (#8399) (bda1a76)
  • react: lock version of mini-css-extract-plugin (#8547) (65010c4)
  • repo: add nx-cache to gitignore to make e2e tests pass on windows (330c33d)
  • storybook: bumped versions of Storybook packages - Angular 13 fix (#8487) (dcf835f)
  • storybook: fixed story template for angular (#8388) (883acaf)
  • storybook: handle defaultProject issues with projectBuildConfig flag (#8494) (dcb839c)
  • testing: turn swc/jest back on for react, web, and js (#8464) (978cfe9)
  • web: prevent caching in the file-server (#8472) (7a35db9)


  • angular: simplify generated tailwind config for v3 (#8471) (b989e8d)
  • angular: switch new workspaces to v2 config (#8473) (ae0f8dc)
  • core: separate local and remote cache statuses (fd3673d)
  • core: show dep types in dep graph (#2760) (#8132) (31bb2f3)
  • dep-graph: add URL search params to dep graph (#8525) (759a9c5)
  • detox: add buildTarget to test-ios and test-android for detox (#8431) (045d4f0)
  • react-native: add react-native-config to support environment variable (#8485) (8120d40)
  • react-native: upgrade react native to 0.66.4 (#8400) (9b6d577)


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