yarn @nrwl/cypress 13.4.4
Release 13.4.4

latest releases: 14.4.6, 15.8.8, 15.9.0-beta.9...
14 months ago

Bug Fixes

  • angular: fix broken data persistence normalize action function (#8453) (6fc5bbe)
  • angular: fix tailwind css support in libraries using components with inline styles (#8393) (80f20db)
  • angular: mfe migration failing in certain scenarios (#8384) (0f50de7)
  • core: correctly print parsing errors when receiving graph from daemon (b3fb9ee)
  • core: inherit stdio instead of resetting it to 0,1,2 (85fe340)
  • js: adjust how to pass information down to swc cli (#8298) (22c6ddb)
  • misc: dont publish jest.config.js files (#8341) (8abcaab)
  • nextjs: fix .babelrc for libraries (#8075) (054d4eb)
  • react: update conflicting eslint plugin versions (#8376) (4ce7c7a)
  • storybook: apply a webpack tweak for storybook and angular (#8392) (77529a1), closes #8360
  • testing: Create root babel config if one isn't present (#7816) (baf44ad), closes #6782
  • testing: support cypress --tag arg (#8434) (240da9a), closes #4998


  • angular: add mfe migration to fix incorrect setups from previously incorrect generator (#8433) (90f0ab2)
  • angular: add option to skip module creation #7806 (#8391) (8c8b257)
  • angular: support multiple state slices in data persistence ops (#8216) (7e99073), closes #6830
  • core: optimise cache restoration and storing (16e9f58)
  • web: update http-server to 14.1.0 (#8465) (6407ff3)

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