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Release 13.3.12

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15 months ago

Bug Fixes

  • angular: fix setParserOptionsProject being ignored when generating apps (#8105) (3fa5385)
  • angular: handle scam components when generating storybook stories (#8139) (364136f)
  • angular: mfe remote entry to use common module (#8250) (c5ce3b2)
  • angular: remove unnecessary extension from scam component import (#8136) (4343f56)
  • angular: scam component default type as lowercase (#8160) (bc8dda6)
  • angular: set public host for both projects (#8184) (a75f1bd)
  • angular: use path property correctly when generating scams #8083 (#8100) (5f53718)
  • angular: watch on webpack browser builder (#8204) (7be0793)
  • core: add default export for tasksRunnerV2 (#8088) (46cd008), closes #8085
  • core: allow tsConfig without compilerOptions to work (#8119) (d630718)
  • core: default project name should be inferred by cwd on windows (#8172) (2b04794)
  • core: exclude nxWorkspaceRoot from args when calling custom preset (#8189) (c6014ad)
  • core: forward args to target dependencies with the same executor as the target that is being run (#8104) (0ce96a4)
  • core: gracefully handle the case where no root path mappings are defined (a973b99)
  • core: improve migration handling of parallel tasksRunnerOptions (#8238) (d1b6877)
  • core: misc. ng cli compat layer fixes (#8141) (a23284e)
  • core: pass the list of ingored files to parcel watcher (a78d431)
  • core: print a warning instead of an error duplicate names in package.json (f1c21fa)
  • core: project inference should work if name not specified by package.json (#8116) (b44f240)
  • core: properly pass args to custom preset (#8154) (1f44bbe)
  • core: properly set workspace root when using custom preset (#8173) (6090b24)
  • core: should infer whole projects if workspace.json is missing (#8244) (ba7a1ae)
  • core: use absolute paths when resolving package.json (385512a)
  • dep-graph: switch linter to use eslint executor (#8091) (6245464)
  • js: adjust generator arg from name -> project s.t. it is picked up in Nx Console (454852e)
  • js: disable tsx support for js libs since they should go through react (#8203) (0a3350a)
  • linter: improve error message when attempting to use deprecated tslint (#8090) (c5b66ab)
  • linter: improve message when trying to import application (#8138) (581e561)
  • misc: fix issues with npm preset (#8248) (f1a4b78)
  • nextjs: disable 13-1-1 migration (#8209) (27f120d)
  • nextjs: incorrectly named nested page component files (#8170) (232eaaf)
  • nextjs: make flat option configurable for page generator (#8113) (68e5328)
  • node: support for typescript webpack plugins (#8171) (5b95b4c)
  • react-native: deprecation warning because of rmDirSync (#7772) (50b1bc6), closes #7739
  • web: fix migration from @nrwl/web:build to @nrwl/web:webpack (#8123) (230902e)


  • angular: add scam generator for pipes and directives (#8144) (4bb109e), closes #8122
  • angular: add support for configuring tailwind in existing and new apps and buildable/publishable libs (#8043) (2b00c99)
  • angular: allow for passing in parser options flag to lib generation (#8082) (e2626ad)
  • angular: enable minimization for MFEs (#8135) (5339e99)
  • angular: update complier options for strict mode (#8126) (e77c498)
  • angular: upgrade to angular 13.1 (#8182) (08172bc)
  • core: Add support for versioning in the preset package name (#8146) (18b3d61)
  • core: add ts preset to create-nx-workspace (9051ff2)
  • core: preset now supports external generators when creating a workspace. (#8084) (3bedfd8)
  • core: skip-nx-cache should apply to all nx subprocesses (65dfe7d)
  • core: support for extending project inference capabilities (#8210) (814061d)
  • js: add e2e tests for the swc compiler (f80a9b5)
  • js: add js plugin config (#8245) (d58584d)
  • js: add SWC support (#7956) (726877d)
  • js: generated jest project uses swc if --compiler=swc (#8202) (9e1b50b)
  • js: update complier options for strict mode (#8188) (f0ea52e)
  • react: update complier options for strict mode (#8127) (e4f7e2e)
  • testing: add --compiler=tsc|swc|babel option for jest project generator (#8177) (6d6f294)
  • testing: allow generating new Cypress e2e projects (#8205) (39ce485)
  • testing: update cypress to 9.x (#8011) (7ca6b29), closes #7954
  • web: add swc compiler option for webpack executor (#8114) (f8c394a)
  • web: support swc compiler (#7997) (015f1b7)


  • Revert "chore(core): add foundations of ink powered life-cycle (#8028)" (7f025c4), closes #8028

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