yarn @nrwl/cypress 13.3.0-rc.1
Release 13.3.0-rc.1

latest releases: 15.9.2, 15.9.1, 15.9.0...
15 months ago

Bug Fixes

  • angular: fix @nrwl/angular package build to produce the right type definitions and package entry points (#8054) (0280e5e)
  • angular: fix storybook-migrate-defaults-5-to-6 generator default export (#7990) (125d3a6)
  • angular: fix the generated outputs in the package.json (#7973) (056bfeb)
  • angular: handle sass imports without tilde of node_modules packages (#8038) (a11f7e7)
  • angular: remove numbers from the project name (#6646) (d641016)
  • angular: support module syntax for mfes (#8020) (6e40032)
  • angular: use jasmine-marbles 0.9.1 for rxjs7 (#8062) (5640e62)
  • core: correctly resolve project names when constructing deps using package.json files (b2699df)
  • core: daemon should copy file maps (3ecd1c2)
  • core: daemon uses lock file hash to detect version changes (85b3d67)
  • core: fix error message on formatFiles schematic and generator (#8003) (f2ffd83)
  • core: fix stack overflow when using standalone configs with 600+ projects (#8026) (9fd3e24)
  • core: forward args to target dependencies with the same target name as the target that is being run (#8034) (d808bc2)
  • core: global nx commands throws when not in nx workspace (a4e97c7)
  • core: handle errors in the deamon when recomputing file map incrementally (4935049)
  • core: log error stack trace if present (c06de16)
  • core: ngcli adapter should find changed matching files correctly (#7980) (7dbb645)
  • core: prevent overwriting nx.json options to undefined (#8009) (d1666b9)
  • core: prevent processing migrations for transitive dependencies (7d13b54)
  • core: propagate errors when daemon isn't able to start (1e6761e)
  • core: write a terminal output file when using the pipe capture method (ce25ef4)
  • js: recommit - expose schematics and builders for angular devkit (#8030) (01417d2), closes #8021
  • linter: add missing @phenomnomnominal/tsquery dependency to package.json (#8015) (85cde60)
  • misc: fix list plugins to handle generators/executors collections that are not exported (#8057) (051e7f1)
  • node: fix node optimization option (#7538) (5fbcf72)
  • repo: handle circular deps between workspace and cli/jest (7885018)
  • web: migrations run only for one project (#7996) (c6dd6b1)


  • angular: add scam generator (#7987) (4871294)
  • core: merge package json scripts with targets list when building dependency graph (#7979) (fce3d9b)
  • core: new nx starter (#7912) (66e4e85)
  • nextjs: bump Next.js version to 12.0.7 (#7788) (fe96a33)
  • nxdev: make headline features more readable (#7891) (f8633d3)
  • react-native: update app generator to display new starter content (#7982) (e02c02c)
  • storybook: upgrade to Storybook 6.4 (6f4226a)

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