yarn @nrwl/cypress 13.2.0
Release 13.2.0

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16 months ago

Bug Fixes

  • angular: add .angular to gitignore only when it hasn't already been added (#7686) (adafc97)
  • angular: add tailwind.js to package exports (#7785) (220cd01)
  • angular: change tsconfig path handling for angular ng-packagr executors to let ng-packagr use default options (#7702) (23415a5)
  • angular: do not ignore any mjs files for jest (#7670) (f9d9e26)
  • angular: do not re-add transform ignore pattern (#7751) (e0d9838)
  • angular: fix incremental builds with angular 13 (#7770) (eb28deb)
  • angular: fix missing null checks in v13 migrations (#7790) (0a4875c)
  • angular: fixing application generator when using protractor (#7603) (8f20571)
  • angular: generate ng-package.json for secondary entrypoints (#7786) (bd5d0d8)
  • angular: handle projects with no targets in angular 13 migration (#7719) (a6085a9)
  • angular: ignore unmatching jest configs (#7663) (5d70627)
  • angular: migration versions (#7664) (f5e98bb)
  • angular: migration versions (#7683) (c2c64ed)
  • angular: remove unnecessary addition of module file extensions (#7725) (18f2e70)
  • core: add better error message for invalid tools tsconfig (#7792) (1ccf1ab)
  • core: consider available cpus when deciding whether to use workers to build the project graph (#7617) (c09aefd)
  • core: fix parsing for --parallel (5e4aa5a)
  • core: fixing move generator to update all import path (#7611) (7332bbc)
  • core: NODE_PATH should include both workspace and tmp folders (552978e)
  • core: prettier should be marked as optional (#7655) (5afaad1), closes #7421
  • core: prevent overwriting already added tasks when adding target dependencies tasks (f88d890)
  • core: support target names with colons (7d14859)
  • core: use pnpm exec instead of pnpx (#7695) (474dc28)
  • core: workspaces with custom layouts should be scanned correctly when not using git (025c155)
  • core: wrong migration docs link (#7625) (3d6496b)
  • core: wrong migration docs link again (#7628) (3c6044c)
  • dep-graph: set workspaceLayout on initGraph (#7774) (07e37a5)
  • dep-graph: stop search depth from going below 1 (#7661) (0b0c37d)
  • devkit: handle other variants of root paths in visitNotIgnoredFiles (#7767) (f636c95)
  • misc: fix dep-graph HTML generation (#7619) (cbc5ccc)
  • misc: ng-add fails when prettierignore not present (4d8c349)
  • misc: prevent formatting root config files twice (#7753) (ceefe6e)
  • node: fix source-map-support dependency (#7728) (668770e)
  • react: Fix typo (#7748) (b495f21)
  • react: install missing react-test-renderer dependency (#7675) (6ac6e98), closes #7578
  • storybook: do not add Story args when the default value cannot be inferred (#7754) (96333fc)
  • storybook: install cypress packages if not installed for e2e apps (c68b37e), closes #7158
  • storybook: only match exact component name for Storybook (8551a74), closes #7175
  • testing: first generated cypress project should not include tsconfig specification (#7629) (e57dc10), closes #6917
  • testing: fix resolver to try using default resolution before using a package filter (#7681) (e0f0809)
  • testing: update tsconfig migration to not warn when no file found (#7689) (4c4a503)
  • web: add default value for project.json schema style (#7693) (6c7891c)
  • web: add scripts default value in schema.json (#7757) (67de1a9), closes #7178
  • web: custom typescript webpack config files are now compatible for react applications (#7633) (5bc1692), closes #7454
  • web: default react builds to production when NODE_ENV is not provided (#7727) (955d5cb), closes #7410


  • angular: update angular to 13.0.0
  • angular: update jest-preset-angular to 11.0.0 (#7789) (7e691e9)
  • core: add an option to nx.json to enable project graph creation in the background (#7682) (af664f6)
  • core: deprecate --max-parallel and use --paralle=N instead (3d1899e)
  • core: include community plugins when running nx report (91967a3)
  • dep-graph: use xstate for state management (#7634) (5f9279a)
  • gatsby: upgrade gatsby to 4.1.3 (#7691) (e818f61)
  • linter: allow wildcards for banning external imports (#7623) (f23a4cf)
  • nest: exporting nest generators (#7585) (c08f506)
  • nest: support nest 8 (#6284) (e960285)
  • node: add outputFileName to build executor (#7708) (421d4f2), closes #4969
  • storybook: angular v13 and Storybook 6.4 support (#7690) (31584c8)
  • testing: add --testPathIgnorePatterns flag support (#7478) (965b116), closes #7462

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