yarn @nrwl/cypress 13.0.0
Release 13.0.0

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17 months ago

Bug Fixes

  • angular: add required postcss dependencies when creating a buildable lib (#7402) (e057892)
  • angular: fix building publishable libraries with secondary entry points when enableIvy is set to false (#7405) (e29e801)
  • angular: handle components array as static member of the module when generating stories (#7321) (0a41a34)
  • angular: ng add works in v2 workspaces (00615d0)
  • angular: support tsconfig.json at root of workspace (#7333) (20481d9)
  • core: add null check to migration for config locaton swap (#7363) (bcb1c5c)
  • core: daemon watch mode gets stuck (dff26ca)
  • core: ensure workspace version format is respected when making changes to it (#7043) (301e116)
  • core: fix single file outputs cache regression (#7355) (65f6c0d)
  • core: handle failures writing to the cache (#7349) (3520d7f)
  • core: patch resolve logic for tsconfig paths (#7387) (bedad1c)
  • core: print a more descriptive error message telling users invoke decorate-angular-cli.js (#7383) (6017a05)
  • core: reset daemon intenral state when cache is missing (693bd41)
  • core: throw an error when configuration is invalid/ outdated (#7452) (d2c18e6)
  • core: update outdated graph version (#7334) (1205d2d)
  • core: update webpack 5 migration smartly match expected version and packages before performing removal (#7365) (ccf42f0)
  • linter: handle also external nodes in find project by import (#7401) (267ad06)
  • misc: dep-graph --file option supports absolute paths (#7206) (2f675f7)
  • misc: select correct projects on dep graph when in watch mode (#7304) (39c290d)
  • nextjs: delegate preset options (#7385) (93ffd2d)
  • react: apply postcss config from apps to their lib dependencies (#7265) (a8bcd27), closes #7040
  • react: fix react webpack plugin check for babel-loader (#7382) (324129b)
  • repo: make sure NX_WORKSPACE_ROOT_PATH exists (#7238) (1b500a8)
  • repo: temporary disable the failing tests (2dd4299)
  • storybook: if there is no propstype name do not add angle brackets (ce9dbd0)
  • testing: make cypress peer dependency optional (#7455) (63b71e8)
  • web: add support for barrel exports in web build (#7354) (f9fe52b)
  • web: fix index html generator for webpack 5 (5028a91)
  • web: remove default baseHref in dev-server (#7302) (3fca35c)
  • web: turn off fully specified option in webpack so packages like graphql@14 will not break build (ed11e6c)


  • angular: remove deprecated options from the ngrx generator (#7404) (86613f6)
  • angular: remove deprecated utilities related to the angular devkit (#7386) (5853d83)


  • angular: add tailwind support when building publishable libraries (#7285) (a00f8e0)
  • angular: allow port to be added to non-mfe app (#7403) (b0b9c8f)
  • angular: update NgRx to 12.5.0 (#7370) (28f28af)
  • core: add exponential backoff for graph recomputation (1cc1e27)
  • core: clean up daemon server (a81fbba)
  • core: compute all workspace files incrementally (18c8e37)
  • core: consolidate nx.json and workspace.json (#6642) (79cf69b)
  • core: extract project graph external nodes (#7340) (b23f2d8)
  • core: remove deprected project graph version (14f7e66)
  • core: shift from 'master' to 'main' as default branch and base (#7111) (8435bdf)
  • core: standalone project configuration is default (#7351) (bdcbac4)
  • core: strict mode by default for workspace libraries (324738b)
  • core: upgrade to webpack 5 (#7283) (724b0c0)
  • core: use worker threads to construct a project graph (4b9c00e)
  • dep-graph: project name sidebar rounded corners (#7393) (81d76eb)
  • dep-graph: ui redesign (#7281) (92ebb84)
  • linter: allow banning of external packages (#7378) (ff3b8b6)
  • nextjs: add migration for css prop (#7396) (7a3c485)
  • nextjs: disable lint during build (#7379) (92132c6)
  • nextjs: support css prop for emotion (#7384) (4c0c12e)
  • nextjs: use next 11.1.2 (#7310) (22c22a1)
  • node: support buildTargetOptions in node:execute (#7002) (289ebfc), closes #7001
  • react: support css prop for emotion (#7395) (d4f8ba2)
  • react-native: upgrade @types/react-native versions (#7392) (5d47468)
  • storybook: add @storybook/svelte fot the storybook and build-storybook executors (#7352) (b3a656e)
  • storybook: add Webpack 5 support for React Storybook setups (#6791) (c446aa5), closes #6703
  • storybook: migrator for webpack 5 (fd3868c)



  • angular: All the utilities located at @nrwl/angular/src/utils/ast-utils were removed. These utilities were already deprecated since the last major version. Also, the previously deprecated utilities runSchematic and runExternalSchematic located in @nrwl/angular/src/utils/testing were removed. These utilities were not part of the package public API and as such, they were not recommended to be used and were likely to be changed or removed.
  • angular: The deprecated options onlyAddFiles and onlyEmptyRoot from the ngrx generator were removed,
    skipImport and minimal should be used instead.

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