yarn @nrwl/cypress 12.8.0
Release 12.8.0

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19 months ago

Bug Fixes

  • angular: don't error when project configuration has no targets (a3b22aa)
  • angular: mfe not installing webpack correctly (#6789) (ee47b17)
  • angular: prevent default importPath for publishable libs (#6755) (149a357)
  • core: always use environment variable for cache directory (#6746) (eaa0287), closes #6629
  • core: close webpack compiler when build complete (#6608) (9966443)
  • core: fix --directory alias conflict (#6596) (295b8d7), closes #6571
  • core: fix env for batch mode (#6719) (5a2b7f4)
  • core: fix reading project config when nx.json doesn't have projects (#6802) (4d6b5ff)
  • core: Fix removal of terminalOutputs in cache (#6657) (6d23591)
  • core: fix validation of string length (#6741) (5c1bc60)
  • core: parse aliases in target configuration and coerce aliased options (#6705) (d6cb7f9)
  • core: remove .eslintrc double extends update on move (#6765) (3b2f0b6)
  • core: skip caching output properties missing in options and arguments (#6743) (b320624)
  • core: updateWorkspaceConfiguration does not respect extends (8cc41de)
  • gatsby: remove npm_config_legacy_peer_deps (#6698) (f96c537)
  • misc: fix adding @nrwl/workspace to projects without prettier (#6716) (c2832ca)
  • misc: improve alignment and spacing for mobile view (#6768) (3748292)
  • nextjs: adjust .babelrc for Next libraries with emotion styling (2f3742b)
  • nextjs: fix .babelrc for emotion v11 (#6728) (0841b55)
  • nextjs: Next 11.1.0 compatibility (#6699) (fc11571)
  • nextjs: remove styled-jsx/babel from .babelrc as next/babel has it already built-in (eb15cff)
  • repo: fix npm e2e tests (#6806) (84e7f46)
  • repo: fix release to not use deprecated github api (#6689) (305c6a3)
  • repo: fix release to properly generate changelog (#6740) (c90aaea)
  • repo: fix release to update package.json version without release-it (#6700) (a7759ff)
  • repo: skip package manager detection tests for other package managers (#6783) (81d36ee)
  • storybook: add check if plugins exist or fallback to empty array (#6714) (05faf88)
  • storybook: add Emotion v11 support to current Nx React Storybook setup (#6787) (20d4ae2)
  • storybook: add styled-jsx typings to Storybook tsconfig (a8fcd42)
  • testing: fix remove typescript plugin migration when project has no targets (#6803) (b2ea44e)
  • testing: jest migration for Angular in 12.4 (4305c5e)
  • testing: remove webpack dependency since it is causing issues with MFE (#6794) (9d8431d)
  • web: Added WebpackError for webpack 4 compatibility (#6519) (101a89e)
  • web: syncs loose option between @babel/preset-env and @babel/plugin-proposal-class-properties (#6715) (7496483), closes #6683


  • angular: update NgRx to 12.4.0 (#6828) (c1c7a42)
  • core: add an ability to extend nx.json config (5f02a10)
  • core: add default path argument for readNxJson (#6779) (bd2a635)
  • core: detect package manager used to invoke create-nx-(plugin|workspace) (#6749) (3bcfaf0)
  • generators: Export @nrwl/angular:init (#6721) (27dd4cf), closes #6713
  • misc: add generator for simple npm-package (#6784) (bfa06ce)
  • misc: remove ts-node, tslib, and dotenv from empty workspace package.json (#6763) (6fbf7ff)
  • misc: simplify npm scripts generated (#6764) (85f92e7)
  • nextjs: expose libraryGenerator (#6725) (d0b65fa)
  • node: add TS plugins support for build executor (#6677) (8297386), closes #2147
  • node: builder should support multiple entry files (#5741) (6b37e4b)
  • react: add --changedSince flag to jest runner (#6729) (572e24e)
  • react: add a hook generator (e.g. useThing) (#6773) (28ebfae)
  • react: add format option for buildable libs (#6753) (cddb1ed)
  • storybook: add vue3 support for storybook executer (#6604) (e263776), closes #6603
  • testing: remove cypress typescript preprocessor (#6706) (2f442ec)
  • testing: update cypress to 8.x (#6808) (47d1d38), closes #6430


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