yarn @nrwl/cypress 12.7.0
Release 12.7.0

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19 months ago

Bug Fixes

  • angular: add eslint to protractor apps (#6524) (d68d2ad)
  • angular: fix angular projects not being standalone when all other projects are standalone (#6641) (c13c02d)
  • angular: init cypress correctly if needed when creating an app (#6652) (e310753)
  • angular: lock version of angular-devkit to ~12.1.0 (#6620) (466826c)
  • angular: webpack-server needs to work when there is no defaultConfiguration set (#6588) (db489d3)
  • core: add better option validation (#6557) (e53e58b)
  • core: apply verbose flag to combined options if the schema allows it (#6593) (ffcd283), closes #6520 #4160
  • core: default run-many to use provided projects order (#6632) (3e3794c)
  • core: define fileExist method for ts host (#6582) (1c19db5), closes #6500
  • core: do not override process.env with variables in dotenv files (#6540) (dc02ca9)
  • core: ensure cache pathMappings always exist (fedcfc4)
  • core: ensure to only passthrough verbose if isVerbose is true (#6607) (f7aeb99), closes #6606
  • core: fix --with-deps arg support and deprecate its usage (#6660) (91527e1)
  • core: fix prompt support for enum definitions (#6651) (86a113c)
  • core: fix reading nx.json without projects property (#6613) (6507aba)
  • core: flush changes using the tree write file options (#6592) (595776d)
  • core: target project locator should handle tsconfig paths fully (#6528) (425ccf3)
  • core: warn for project-graph error while it is experimental (#6562) (2722817)
  • devkit: add font file extensions to binaryExts in generate-files.ts (#6439) (9f1e530), closes #5213
  • misc: allow run-commands to accept readyWhen for a single command (#6496) (873e297)
  • misc: fix affected:dep-graph file output (#6581) (6b6b66c)
  • misc: fix moving projects with standalone configuration (#6521) (7d6837c)
  • misc: handle moving to a subfolder which results in the same project name and normalize import path (#6507) (c6fee86)
  • misc: make generated schemas compliant with json schema spec (#6548) (ddfbac5)
  • misc: make workspace tsc executor to handle dependencies (#6475) (f087146)
  • misc: minor fixes in readme files (b8aff5e)
  • misc: NxCloud activation link is not displayed (#6619) (1049c93)
  • misc: read settings in .editorconfig when formatting files in generators (#6616) (3fb591f)
  • nextjs: add missing dependency to @nrwl/devkit (#6633) (9b0dade)
  • nextjs: allow plain url-loader inlining of SVGs not just SVGR (79ea377)
  • nextjs: generate nextjs library with "next/babel" preset rather than the default "@nrwl/react/babel" preset (#6545) (da7bb9f)
  • nextjs: update build and serve schemas (#6553) (32c41b2)
  • nextjs: use next.js image types (#6556) (e0a5dbf)
  • node: change default debug port to 9229 to allow for easy debugging (#6536) (dc38003)
  • nxdev: consolidate border radius on pages (#6609) (ebeae6a)
  • react: align component and e2e test generation (#6535) (7c26151)
  • react: relax babel dependency versions (#6637) (422c5f8)
  • storybook: when migrating to 12.1 do not throw if project has no targets (#6490) (a4020b0), closes #6128
  • testing: handle migrating base jest config without projects (#6601) (f3cd602)
  • testing: remove installation of babel packages for jest projects (#6546) (bd7b2aa)
  • web: remove unnecessary packages from being installed with @nrwl/web (#6554) (cdb9540)
  • workspace: exit process with exit code 1 on any failed task including dependency (#6631) (735802e)


  • core: add an option to selectively hash tsconfig (74034b2)
  • core: add devkit tree method to change the permissions of a file (#6598) (5037f2c)
  • core: make it possible to use environment variable to set cache directory (#6670) (8cad038), closes #6629
  • core: updated dotenv and switched to import 'dotenv/config' (#5615) (1b5498f)
  • devkit: make nx.json optional (#6398) (5a93037), closes #5678
  • nextjs: turn off svgr by default for new apps (#6634) (e0028d3)
  • nextjs: warn for empty public directory (#6636) (5021120)
  • react: add fast refresh support for webpack 5 (#6529) (70c0921)
  • react: add Nx React Storybook preset (b5b5f25)
  • react: automatically detect npm dependencies as external when building library (#6560) (30428b9)
  • storybook: allow users to init storybook with more frameworks (#6491) (0bacdf3), closes #5985

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