yarn @nrwl/cypress 12.6.6
Release 12.6.6

latest releases: 0.0.0-pr-25990-b92e6b1, 0.0.0-pr-22870-6f6b04c, 19.4.0-canary.20240620-bb3658a...
2 years ago

Bug Fixes

  • angular: fix angular projects not being standalone when all other projects are standalone (#6641) (cfb0ccd)
  • angular: init cypress correctly if needed when creating an app (#6652) (30cf46b)
  • core: default run-many to use provided projects order (#6632) (a168ac8)
  • core: ensure to only passthrough verbose if isVerbose is true (#6607) (9785dd1), closes #6606
  • core: fix prompt support for enum definitions (#6651) (4cdabc4)
  • misc: fix affected:dep-graph file output (#6581) (cc2a905)
  • misc: minor fixes in readme files (6cd6120)
  • nextjs: add missing dependency to @nrwl/devkit (#6633) (1eb1fe5)
  • nextjs: update build and serve schemas (#6553) (ce0548b)
  • react: relax babel dependency versions (#6637) (8093e1e)

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