yarn @nrwl/cypress 12.6.0-beta.6
Release 12.6.0-beta.6

latest releases: 15.9.0-beta.6, 15.9.0-beta.5, 15.8.7...
20 months ago

Bug Fixes

  • angular: check for angular.json when converting config event path (#6170) (604242b)
  • core: add @nrwl/nx-cloud to report package list (#6279) (a4e0452)
  • core: adjust logger to avoid errors when the passed object is not a string (#6320) (1670199)
  • core: affected base and head logs (#6164) (f5058a1)
  • core: convert-to-nx-project should not prompt for project when --all is passed (#6179) (95051ac)
  • core: correct detect run commands when using project.json (#6221) (80d3999)
  • core: error messase when missing targets (c0d6656)
  • core: fix distributed task execution hash conflicts between run and cache (#6289) (549e18b)
  • core: fix fallback for npm scripts (148ff1c)
  • core: have batch process inherit stdio (#6250) (1f2a48e)
  • core: include dependencies of projects which do not have a target (#6245) (cbc0160)
  • core: include dependencies of projects which do not have a target (#6309) (0335797)
  • core: make missing output check more comprehensive (#6204) (e7a1cd2)
  • core: make sanitizePath cross-platform (#6308) (8aee6cb)
  • core: print count of tasks (#6248) (ae2b7ef)
  • core: project.json files are not being used with wrapAngularDevkitSchematic (#6276) (651ba36), closes #6271 #6272
  • core: project.json split should be remembered if all projects utilize it (#6180) (23e21d0)
  • core: safely handle when tasksRunnerOptions are not defined (#6252) (f534d97)
  • core: update root jest config with move generator (#6313) (cfff767), closes #6303
  • devkit: module of classname should be capitalized when generated with special characters in a directory (#6283) (ec1ab55), closes #6281
  • misc: dep graph should not remove deps (c17fb12)
  • nextjs: wrong deprecation message for createGlobPatternsOfDependentProjects (#6299) (c5a881d)
  • node: assets should be copied when building with --watch (#5863) (1d1dd49)
  • nx-plugin: export compatibility e2e builder in a separate file (#6246) (9af4004)
  • nxdev: fix serving (#6333) (cb3440a)
  • repo: adjust the language in the readme (9bbfbdd)
  • repo: fix link to tag shell script (#6188) (17bc2cf)
  • repo: remove stale tags (#6291) (c1e708f)
  • repo: revert tagging mechanism temporarily (#6213) (3cae322)
  • testing: fix getting jest config from tree when require is used (#6322) (9c3d798)
  • testing: fixing migration and interop with move generator (#6323) (41234db)
  • web: add setParserOptionsProject option to web:application (#6239) (7fc5d6f)
  • web: fix stylePreprocessorOptions option (#6265) (801dad4)


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