yarn @nrwl/cypress 12.6.0
Release 12.6.0

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20 months ago

Bug Fixes

  • angular: add --skip-format for convert-tslint-to-eslint (#6387) (59c8e18)
  • angular: broken buildable libs importPath calculation (#6429) (f5587dc)
  • angular: change mfe naming convention to use host (8b1f812)
  • angular: change version of angular migrations so they run during beta (#6454) (0326be4)
  • angular: fix generating apps with protractor (#6422) (9c3c296)
  • angular: generated ngrx facade tests should pass (#6458) (729d839)
  • angular: update jasmine-marbles to support jest-circus test runner (#6383) (f26eb1c)
  • core: caching individual files (#6445) (d53e25a)
  • core: end tasks after cache is written (#6381) (5ee362a)
  • core: ensure overrides are not parsed as head and base for affected (#6424) (253fd68)
  • core: fix wrong create-nx-workspace tutorial link (#6428) (9326742)
  • core: handle directories with lots of files when reading the workspace files (#6469) (f3b5ffc)
  • core: improve run-commands dx for ready-when (#6448) (0af1780)
  • core: move generator should respect non-relative extends parts (#6427) (6d25d20)
  • core: path comparison across OS for getProjectNameFromDirPath (#6433) (18c3681), closes #6406
  • core: validate pattern if specified for a schema property (#6395) (3a18c4d)
  • core: wrapped angular schematics should be able to update newly created standalone projects (#6351) (6ef8afb), closes #6342 #6342 #6353 #6354
  • devkit: do not update unknown properties to workspace configuration (#6388) (769758d)
  • gatsby: change migration version for gatsby 3.10 (#6459) (491bdd8)
  • linter: check existence of eslintrc.json before running migration (#6335) (35d77a1)
  • misc: @nrwl/workspace:rm generator should work with standalone configs (#6348) (84b40c8)
  • misc: move generator should support project.json files (#6402) (a722026)
  • misc: remove import of webpack-dev-server (#6396) (cd868a8)
  • node: no output for package executor watch mode (#6440) (2e36b20)
  • nxdev: broken links on home pages (0fd5af9)
  • nxdev: fixing sidbar appearance with anchored links (#6365) (84f80c8)
  • react: ensure version of webpack is updated when running migrate-to-webpack-5 (#6401) (fe34edf)
  • repo: fix running e2e tests locally with npm 7 (#6400) (90921aa)
  • storybook: add cssmodule and image typings for React Storybook setup (#6363) (596cf5b)
  • testing: fixing formatting on root jest.config migration (#6418) (f0dbfb0)


  • angular: add an serve-mfe target to host app (#6444) (3e6a315)
  • angular: add executor to allow custom webpack config with serve (#6359) (ec414e5)
  • angular: add host option to MFE generator (#6368) (776bd27)
  • angular: generate entry module for remote mfes (#6403) (227eed9)
  • angular: upgrade angular to ~12.1.0 (#6390) (bea5ed4)
  • angular: use webpack-server executor for mfe apps (#6373) (4697ce1)
  • core: add the target project name to the environment variables (#5886) (fe7ab82)
  • core: improve project graph creation not to invalidate nxdeps when global config change (f86a073)
  • core: speed up ts module resolution (#6474) (0bdd53a)
  • core: store file deps and only reanalyze changed files (0e52c43)
  • core: support project and target specific env files when running a task (#6453) (202c89c)
  • core: update typescript to 4.3 (#6397) (7de111c)
  • gatsby: update gatsby to version 3.10.0 (#6449) (c8bd620)


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