yarn @nrwl/cypress 12.5.0
Release 12.5.0

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21 months ago

Bug Fixes

  • angular: change tsconfig.worker.json to extend the right path (#6105) (e5c552b)
  • angular: fix storybook-configuration not installing deps (#6109) (2e4d00f)
  • angular: fix typo in karma-project generator factory definition (#5888) (43f7d75)
  • angular: fix workspace init generator to workaround file rename issues in the tree (#6098) (c66324d)
  • angular: Inline nx logo in default template (#6114) (44bbc08)
  • angular: keep package postinstall script in @nrwl/angular package (#6086) (fdb54b3)
  • angular: override TSLint deprecation message to point to Nx ESLint conversion generator (#5893) (668ed1c)
  • angular: remove Stylus from new Angular workspaces and apps (#6095) (bbb0416)
  • core: add support for formatting using all extensions prettier supports (#5890) (4563386)
  • core: catch errors when cleaning up tmp dir during migrate (632d2f7)
  • core: clean up tmp directories during migrate (#5971) (702f158)
  • core: do not migrate nrwl packages that are not installed (3093fd1)
  • core: fix aliased args parsing (#5973) (2c533ac)
  • core: fix remove generator for custom layout (#5921) (a0b2df5)
  • core: fix the add-target-dependencies migration to remove the old property (ac871d9)
  • core: format after sorting nx.json, workspace.json and tsconfig.… (#6044) (8915c6b)
  • core: override isDirectory in wrapped angular schematics host (#5869) (d3992e9)
  • core: resolve npm packages after typescript (c5ccd9c)
  • core: throw error for non-existing proj on getSourceDirOfDependentProjects (#6017) (d40ca95)
  • devkit: include targetDependencies and plugins when updating workspace config (#5898) (d8cd862)
  • linter: tslint to eslint conversion should not override existing root config (#6103) (4a9d82f)
  • misc: correct url parsing for dep-graph server (#6139) (a29c11a)
  • nest: fix lint convertor incomplete type (#5995) (68b598f)
  • nextjs: app generator should succeed with --directory (#6039) (374a9d6), closes #6027
  • nextjs: fix component generator (#6088) (068c985), closes #6084
  • nextjs: remove obsolete React import on _app.tsx (#6034) (a1c208a)
  • nextjs: set NODE_ENV for the serve command (2ba13db), closes #5627
  • node: don't clobber packageJson.main if it exists (#5836) (b4d27fc)
  • node: node-externals fails in subdirectories (472392a)
  • nxdev: subheader on the home page is old (44dd1f5)
  • repo: fix flaky cross-os new line check (#5938) (6ca30d8)
  • storybook: change main-js without executing it in migrator (e6f047f)
  • storybook: fix broken migration test (#5951) (c64d9df)
  • storybook: fix import for findNodes (#5974) (c7a5f6d)
  • storybook: generating stories without an existing e2e project (#5799) (0dd8999)
  • storybook: make sure compilation errors get logged to the console (#6129) (ea0c6a3)
  • testing: fix buffer issue on e2e test (#5916) (d023eaf)
  • testing: fix disabled angular storybook test (#5884) (223f455)
  • testing: fix failing workspace e2e tests (#5846) (0de2725)
  • testing: fix ts-jest transformer migration (#6024) (1a1039f)
  • web: inline nx template logo (0138182)


  • angular: add createGlobPatternsForDependencies utility useful in Tailwind css purging (b2a743c)
  • core: add hint for --verbose flag in case of task exec error (0d3409f)
  • core: allow NX_BASE and NX_HEAD environment variables to set affected SHAs (d5c3a79)
  • core: allow setting file permissions while writing with Tree (e7f18a0), closes #5680
  • core: expose utilities for retrieving source dirs of dependent projects (#5976) (e182700)
  • core: first step to common JSON behavior and common fileutils (#5859) (a2c2d94)
  • core: migrate prettier to v2.3.1 (#5623) (fe97444)
  • core: replace strictlyOrderedTargets with targetDependencies (8a7b6c8)
  • core: sort projects in nx.json, workspace.json, and tsconfig.base.json (#5945) (5b2e594)
  • core: split nx config to project files (#5880) (f1911a7)
  • core: use common fileutils in [@nrwl](https://github.com/nrwl)/cli and create-nx-plugin (#5940) (868de62)
  • devkit: reexport package manager methods in devkit (5e6cf96)
  • misc: add watch mode to dep-graph command (#6043) (98ac32e)
  • misc: fixMissingBuildDependencies should not require package.json (04b1401)
  • nextjs: add improved createGlobPatternsForDependencies utility useful for Tailwind CSS purging (bcdf5a7)
  • nextjs: improve WithNxOptions typing (#5903) (7510ee4)
  • nextjs: support webpack 5 (8801930)
  • nx-plugin: migrate generators to @nrwl/devkit (#5744) (251b417)
  • react: add createGlobPatternsForDependencies utility useful in tailwind CSS purging (0175dfc)
  • repo: enable prefer offline for yarn install (#5925) (414e72d)
  • repo: notify slack on nightly github actions (#6016) (a2f7511)
  • repo: remove obsolete kill commands and check if ports closed (#5939) (bb8d73f)
  • storybook: from addon-knobs to controls (#6068) (e13b423)
  • storybook: schematic to migrate stories to Storybook 6.2 (#5401) (dd45382)
  • storybook: upgrade to Storybook v6.3 support (#6104) (ad9d201)
  • testing: support for Jest 27 (#5873) (f975178), closes #5771

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