yarn @nrwl/cypress 12.3.6
Release 12.3.6

latest releases: 14.4.6, 15.8.8, 15.9.0-beta.9...
21 months ago

Bug Fixes

  • angular: generate the outputs property for build targets (#5867) (e8bffc0)
  • angular: update angular deps to use the latest minor versions (#5858) (a6772c4)
  • core: add nxignore and gitignore to the list of files affecting the hashing (27d8633)
  • core: displayed commands do not wrap strings into quotes correctly (9791fd4)
  • core: list files from the tree in the ngcli-adapter (#5860) (87cae06)
  • core: update project package.json on move (9c67c69)
  • nextjs: change to use default next export instead of next-dev-server so prod mode is respected (92ea179)
  • react: fix externals for buildable libraries (#5540) (d3c45b3), closes #5508
  • repo: remove npm lock file and merge yarnrc files (#5851) (bb8b99c)
  • repo: resolve xmlhttprequest-ssl to v1.6.2 (#5842) (f92ac89)
  • testing: enable and fix several disabled unit and e2e tests (#5711) (76a3092)
  • testing: fix failing storybook executor unit test (#5844) (f01bd0c)
  • testing: fix flaky contains check (#5839) (6abe739)
  • web: prevent inherited target in tsconfig from being removed (#5756) (060660e), closes #4115 #4115
  • web: update packages that have audit errors and warnings (#5847) (4a03859)


  • core: warn when deprecated options are used in generators and executors (#5845) (329bb25)
  • devkit: refactoring for stricter types and better performance (6c6e8b3)
  • linter: do not set eslint parserOptions.project by default (#5798) (a3c08a9)
  • nextjs: add buildLibsFromSource option (f723613)
  • react: generate library with strict mode by default (#5720) (a14924b)
  • repo: add checks for lock files (#5854) (57785b5)
  • web: add generateIndexHtml option to web build executor (#5843) (12ee3bc)

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