yarn @nrwl/cypress 12.3.5
Release 12.3.5

latest releases: 15.9.0-beta.8, 15.9.0-beta.7, 15.9.0-beta.6...
22 months ago

Bug Fixes

  • angular: add workaround to prevent process from exiting early when building (#5807) (7a10cb4)
  • angular: adjust the adapter to work with angular 12 (fe0dec1)
  • angular: disable double module update on move (#5788) (4b758f8)
  • angular: fix angular-eslint migration (#5654) (97b6467)
  • angular: make path optional for customWebpackConfig in webpack browser executor (#5728) (c71137f)
  • angular: prevent move generator form making un-intended changes (#5780) (a80a6ae)
  • angular: update angular-eslint to v12 stable (#5649) (902c46e)
  • core: iteration of targets should not break if targets don't exist (#5791) (2d2880e)
  • core: nx run should not use defaultConfiguration when configuration is passed (#5796) (8354c54), closes #5793
  • core: run workspace-generators within the same process (b4fe292)
  • core: update project's eslintrc and readme on move (#5714) (1a6fc76), closes #5493
  • core: update rollup-plugin-typescript2 to fix array spread error (#5704) (0345d08), closes #5467 #5467
  • linter: hasher throws when invoked not in root (e781d3c)
  • linter: improve error message for circular reference (#5721) (f112b92), closes #5625
  • misc: be more specific finding targets being used when removing projects (f111027)
  • nextjs: add @nrwl/next as a prod dependency for new workspaces (#5662) (bffc239)
  • node: package execution doesn't exit on watch mode (4103c60), closes #5208
  • nx-plugin: fix package json key for migration generator (#5731) (646bb72), closes #5730
  • react: fix application template for strict mode (#5552) (cdb4cdc)
  • react: nextjs check causes linting commands to fail (#5705) (b50d7e4)
  • testing: support cypress projects for default serve configuration (#5667) (1c714de)
  • web: set envName to production when script optimization is enabled (#5522) (cd3dd94), closes #5512


  • angular: add executor which allows to delegate the build to another target (#5715) (d0afa3d)
  • angular: allow custom webpack config support for webpack-browse… (#5609) (0872f01)
  • angular: generate apps and libs with strict mode on by default (#5690) (45f7d77)
  • core: add spinner during node module install (#5593) (efbb7c6)
  • core: added encoding param in Tree.read() (#5668) (52e3083)
  • core: allow to collapse the sidebar on dep-graph UI (#5602) (82fd6db)
  • gatsby: update gatsby to 3.5.0 (#5516) (84db07c)
  • linter: optimize lint performance. resolves #5210 (#5576) (ff3cc38)
  • misc: change the nx tag line (af23cc5)
  • nextjs: allow custom server to be written in TypeScript (#5510) (75cbd54), closes #1933
  • nxdev: Set TailwindCSS colours extend for Nx (#5650) (9c1537a)
  • react: add react fast refresh to webpack (#5612) (b8584a6)
  • react: update generator defaults in workspace.json for strict mode (#5529) (bcdbb02), closes #5250
  • repo: cleanup storage for matrix tests (#5727) (735e22f)
  • repo: fix failing yarn and pnpm (#5782) (9e47d96)
  • repo: revert i/o functions to fs-extra (#5725) (c250483)
  • storybook: add html to supported 6.2 uiFrameworks (#5610) (313c376)
  • testing: add testingType option to cypress executor (2c811ab), closes #5622
  • testing: update cypress to 7.x (#5624) (2778e6e), closes #5382
  • web: add a plugin to coordinate webpack and nx builds (319a90b)
  • web: environment variables interpolated to index.html (#5521) (9878619)
  • workspace: support formatting on .graphql, .gql, .yaml, .yml & .vue files (672e728)

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