yarn @nrwl/cypress 12.1.0-rc.1
Release 12.1.0-rc.1

latest releases: 15.9.2, 15.9.1, 15.9.0...
23 months ago

Bug Fixes

  • angular: allow setting appsDir and libsDir to workspace root (#5513) (6caff37), closes #5415
  • angular: fix ngrx 11.1.0 migration (#5403) (d9fd36f)
  • core: cache diff does not handle projects with no files (ecf83c4)
  • core: cleanup output of task results (89dec9a)
  • core: consistently process args with yargs-parser instead of minimist (#5488) (c7ce8d2)
  • core: do not remove version from overrides (ef1649e)
  • core: do not report on tasks when being run within an Nx command (#5466) (57cff5d)
  • core: emit erorr logs instead of retrying when creating a worksapce (d72569a)
  • core: error when an invalid target/configuration is passed (#5447) (bc7af1d)
  • core: fix invalid performance mark (#5444) (ae5722e)
  • core: override root config target dependencies instead of merge (#5424) (8f7d959)
  • core: propagate sigterm and other signals correctly (85ceb3c)
  • core: report based on projects and tasks (030f5eb)
  • gatsby: update generated app for gatsby (#5486) (1f21e48)
  • linter: Apply enforce-module-boundaries rule to exports (#5160) (780bb03)
  • linter: safely check if angular-eslint is the right version (#5511) (e2bec26)
  • misc: handle empty project graph in the tslint version of the enforce module bounaries check (c419686)
  • nextjs: default to build target for incremental serve (d767261)
  • react: fix react library generator for strict option (#5249) (321815d)
  • repo: fix nx-dev build (#5450) (0945b35)
  • storybook: vSCode TypeScript error (#5443) (2089d37)
  • testing: Jest migration if globals or tsconfig is not present (#5506) (f7bdd89)
  • testing: update ts-jest to version 26.5.5 (#5405) (357ecd0)
  • web: fix circular dependency in babelrc migration (#5435) (a47e5e4)
  • web: fix named exports mapping for react/jsx-runtime (#5294) (e656241)
  • web: fix postcss-loader options object structure (#5420) (b39f559)


  • angular: add migration for jest-preset-angular 8.4.0 (#5377) (95d1b86)
  • angular: update angular-eslint to v4 (#5499) (1cf7a69)
  • core: add --buildable support to workspace lib (#5449) (bc3ee3e)
  • core: allow defining target dependencies across all projects (#5406) (7c7db36)
  • core: replace lodash.template with a custom interpolation function (1686583)
  • devkit: improve logging of ejs errors (#5422) (90b83da), closes #5318
  • gatsby: add preset gatsby (#5485) (84e387b)
  • nextjs: add incremental build support to Next.js apps (#5360) (a7d8e2a)
  • node: do not override main and typings (78f27ab)
  • nxdev: Add version and framework selectors (#5518) (bdb42e3)
  • nxdev: Search component using Algolia (#5451) (fb22ba4)
  • react: add strict option to react application generator (#5248) (6cb1dc6)
  • repo: replace tslint with eslint in recommended extensions (#5280) (bc9eaed)
  • repo: switch to using dependsOn for the relationship between build and build-base (aef1b17)
  • repo: updated husky, is-ci and pretty-quick (#5239) (06c8eac)
  • repo: updated yarn to 1.22.10 (#5439) (78fe230)
  • storybook: infer Cypress project name from app source (#5404) (bd21728)
  • storybook: update Angular Storybook to use new Storybook v6 syntax (#5398) (6b7b681)
  • testing: adding getJestProjects() utility for root jest.config.js file (#5425) (65b2edf)
  • testing: support test timeout argv flag (#5520) (92a92c4)

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