yarn @nrwl/cypress 12.0.0
Release 12.0.0

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23 months ago

Bug Fixes

  • angular: resolve @angular/cli version mismatch causing data persistence typing to be broken (95cdeae)
  • core: target project locator should ignore nested node modules (aa846b8)
  • gatsby: update our gatsby-cli to v3 (#5276) (3634283)
  • web: emit event to which upstream executors can listen to (e.g. Cypress) (#5273) (c580bbe)
  • angular: fix eslint component/directive selector prefix (bba3f0e)
  • angular: prevent running ngcc with incremental builds (ad56285)
  • angular: prevent running ngcc with incremental builds (#5107) (6ad7c60)
  • core: take into account name argument in create-nx-workspace generator (2612268)
  • core: throw an error if implicit dependency is a string that is not '*' (#5176) (a300e76)
  • devkit: fix reading partial workspace layout (#5204) (b5594b7)
  • devkit: safely reference engineHost paths (#5121) (42b3a14), closes #5120
  • linter: add import source type check for literals (b1d9363), closes #5224
  • linter: convert tslint:disable comments as part of project conversion (#5188) (b498132)
  • misc: pass in specific copy of webpack (#5190) (03d1667)
  • misc: using path.join() in internal-link-checker (#5162) (dad3f07)
  • node: apps use commonjs module (fedc32c)
  • nx-plugin: broken link to @nx-tools/nx-docker (fdaf93b)
  • repo: allowing wildcard {{version}} links to pass (#5172) (bcb6435)
  • repo: documentation generation correclty handles deprecated (01e536c)
  • storybook: read package version from node_modules (#5187) (01967f8)
  • web: support isServer flag in babel (#5158) (7ccee19)


  • core: add plugins for project-graph analysis wip (#5255) (a608748)
  • linter: use recommended react hooks eslint config (#5258) (20fea36)
  • nextjs: add option to disable svgr (#5200) (ffc69d4)
  • node: package should validate main entry option (e065a70)
  • react: use "@babel/plugin-transform-runtime" so babel helpers can be reused (#5257) (a647e19)
  • angular: add buildTarget to webpack-browser builder (9d2290f)
  • core: enable v8 compile cache for cli (0bccf2c)
  • core: hash only relevant parts of global config files (b5efa6b)
  • core: remove readFile argument from createProjectGraph (#5206) (bfb1948)
  • core: replace inquirer dependency with enquirer (9cb23dd)
  • core: update typescript to 4.1 (#5116) (e228786)
  • core: use smart affected for new workspaces (3f48258)
  • gatsby: update to Gatsby 3.2.1 (#5253) (908b543)
  • gatsby: update to Gatsby v3 (#5170) (f9c9438)
  • misc: add a convenince command to connect to nx cloud (1a918d7)
  • misc: add debugger panel to dep-graph client (#5143) (dae0d62)
  • nextjs: support next 10.1.2 (aefdf26)
  • nextjs: update Next.js to 10.1.3 (#5254) (76bc890)
  • node: add CLI wrapper option for publishable libraries (7117090)
  • node: support --simpleModuleName on library generation (#5153) (f807a04), closes #3822
  • node: support deleteOutputPath for package builder (#5154) (cf7639f)
  • node: support webpackConfig as array (59eca00)
  • react: add support for new jsx transform (#5131) (c84bbb3)
  • react: remove @types/react-redux package and migrator for older projects (379d48f), closes #5149

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