yarn @nrwl/cypress 11.6.3
Release 11.6.3

latest releases: 15.9.0-beta.8, 15.9.0-beta.7, 15.9.0-beta.6...
23 months ago

Bug Fixes

  • core: allow building of workspaces when hosted at / (#5252) (c23a4d1)
  • core: print error if there is an issue creating the sandbox during create (#5380) (c4e264b)
  • core: throw an error if generating a new workspace into a non-empty directory (#5296) (373e9e9)
  • core: Wrap head + base arguments in quotes in execSyn (#5240) (b0e9b4b), closes #4828
  • devkit: devkitTreeFromAngularDevkitTree exists function should also work on dirs (3f9c76d), closes #5318
  • react: fix react publish library copy readme (#5345) (85f070c)
  • storybook: incorrect environment in dev (#5313) (1821955)


  • core: allow passing a path into read workspace config (#5337) (bd8fbc5)

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