yarn @nrwl/cypress 11.6.0
Release 11.6.0

latest releases: 15.9.0-beta.11, 15.8.9, 15.9.0-beta.10...
24 months ago

Bug Fixes

  • angular: fix angular move merge conflict (#5088) (e6ec5f9)
  • angular: fix angular move merge conflict (#5094) (9acf8cb)
  • angular: not install @ngrx/component-store if it's not installed already (feb3162)
  • core: fix project dependency resolution for relative imports on windows (#5009) (71d9f86), closes #5002
  • core: fix prompts for enums (#5036) (dafdfde)
  • core: git hasher handles workspaces not only in root (47812d3)
  • core: git hasher identifies deleted files (4f95d4e), closes #4201
  • core: git hashing handles "unusual" pathname characters (26a3839)
  • core: normalize run-commands and run-script cwd handling (#5119) (3cac30c)
  • core: respect patterns when hashing implicit deps (9d36c5a)
  • devkit: omit identical file updates from actions preventing unnecessary installs (#5055) (754ccf2)
  • linter: always add eslint dependencies (#5095) (46e64fc)
  • linter: apply enforce-module-boundaries rule to import expressions (#5054) (d582875), closes #3857
  • linter: keep plugins other than typescript-eslint/tslint (#5111) (24a5cb0)
  • linter: remove tslint/config rule from converted eslint configs (eb2fa0f)
  • linter: remove unused parameter from convert-to-eslint-config (#5108) (578455f)
  • misc: display nested apps properly in dep graph (#5022) (80f3039), closes #4906
  • misc: fix treeview code samples (77d1cc3)
  • misc: fixed a typo in nx not globally installed warning (#5126) (4dae729)
  • misc: remove the old video from the plugin docs (8088f20)
  • nextjs: improve documentation for "nextConfig" option and provide better error messages (#5098) (3587492)
  • nextjs: include peer dependencies in built package.json (9d863a7)
  • nextjs: leverage nextjs for loading svgs (#5060) (14888e5)
  • nextjs: support next 10.0.9 (#5033) (0822d00)
  • node: early assets copy to "respect" updates on package.json (#5114) (e3aaf65)
  • node: fix unreachable code on library generation (#5080) (8279904)
  • react: add migrations to fix babel setup for workspaces using react, next.js, and gatsby (#5041) (31404cb)
  • storybook: changes in Storybook server options path in v6.2 (#5072) (2ac10d9), closes #4747
  • storybook: do not update existing root configuration (#5023) (3137511)
  • storybook: linting react storybook files with eslint (#5146) (ec2ebca), closes #3867
  • storybook: rename storybook dev server ssl param to https (#5096) (dedd2e4), closes /github.com/storybookjs/storybook/blob/next/lib/core-server/src/dev-server.ts#L40
  • testing: remove jest executor error while babel-jest exists with ts-jest (#4729) (#4730) (00516ec)
  • web: fix dev-server executor output causing ng cli schema validation to fail (36f3a66)


  • core: add option to skip serve step for cypress builder (564a86e), closes #3744
  • core: speed up and clean up create-nx-workspace (cad02e4)
  • linter: convert-tslint-to-eslint generators (#4943) (00dec22)
  • linter: install tslint-to-eslint in a tmp dir (be600ef)
  • linter: update tslint-to-eslint-config to ^2.2.0 (#5117) (9348eae)
  • misc: add a spinner when creating a workspace (e40c651)
  • node: migrate @nrwl/node builders to devkit (#5012) (d4629be)
  • node: migrate @nrwl/node schematics to devkit (#4958) (4df3b66)
  • nx-plugin: default the import path to the npmPackageName (#4777) (2c72700), closes #4700
  • react: add strict option to react library generator (#5006) (6dbdaee)
  • repo: enable smart analysis of workspace.json and nx.json (#5089) (86856f3)
  • web: added runtimeChunk option (#5043) (f6c4958)

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