yarn @nrwl/cypress 11.5.0
Release 11.5.0

latest releases: 15.9.2, 15.9.1, 15.9.0...
2 years ago

Bug Fixes

  • angular: adjust ngcc postinstall command (#4641) (1716c0b)
  • angular: ngrx effects generation (#4900) (87f4836)
  • core: add @nrwl/storybook & @nrwl/gatsby to pkgs listed by nx report (#4948) (468c878)
  • core: always use project level tsconfigs with eslint (#4657) (48c7c7b)
  • core: fix creating workspace on Windows for npm@7 (#4926) (d2bac51)
  • core: fix typo in error for improper targets (#4995) (d44b5c8)
  • core: optimize task orderer to handle large graphs (#4992) (b977f42)
  • core: run-commands doesn't camelcase option parameters (2932738)
  • core: throw an error when running default projects with improper targets (#4994) (61fda0c)
  • core: use proper command for removing a dependency via yarn (#4980) (0b7e057)
  • devkit: generateFiles function handles image files properly (#4912) (6dcd5a6)
  • devkit: support partially defining generators in schematics and generators (#4951) (70a892c)
  • misc: add project name default for workspace schematics (#4901) (925e5d2)
  • nextjs: remove tsconfig.app.json (#4970) (df54518)
  • nextjs: update babel setup to better support next apps (#4944) (ddec362)
  • nextjs: use require.resolve(...) for babel plugin so it works with pnpm (#4991) (0dbcd52)


  • angular: support font inling optimization for builds (#4971) (372b793)
  • core: allow excluding imports using a special ignore comment called nx-import-ignore (f160583)
  • express: add express preset to create-nx-workspace (#4909) (bba26b0)
  • nextjs: allow custom distDir (#4885) (c9a2b2c)
  • web: improve support for decorators (#4826) (041340b)

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