yarn @nrwl/cypress 11.3.0
Release 11.3.0

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2 years ago

Bug Fixes

  • angular: check for root tslint.json before updating to support ESlint (#4816) (5d9c76b), closes #4761
  • angular: generate constant case name in NgRx schematics (#4811) (78a6f98)
  • core: add debug to logger when wrapping angular devkit schematics (#4830) (5eb4518)
  • core: add tmp tao path to node path (#4810) (11d27da)
  • core: change running tasks in parallel to running in serial (#4785) (18c8b2b)
  • core: disable no-var-requires eslint rule for JS files (#4831) (a4a2947)
  • core: do not modify existing files during workspace creation (a500088)
  • core: fix @angular-devkit/architect not being found (#4683) (a941961)
  • core: fix install packages task on Windows (#4752) (57c6bac), closes #4727
  • core: fix move on windows (#4667) (7037254)
  • core: fix workspace creation not working on windows (82ee322)
  • core: fixed some wrong paths for utils/utilities (1edafe8), closes #4736
  • core: output gets printed twice when using pipe capture (d651eab)
  • core: remove cleanup of temp tao directory (#4821) (d22153a)
  • core: restore tslint for next, clean up Linter enum usage (#4780) (4f758d4)
  • core: set browser + node eslint env in @nrwl/nx/javascript (#4804) (cc88815)
  • core: value coercion for schemas with oneOf string enums (b2d3906)
  • core: wrapAngularDevkitSchematic should respect dry run (#4748) (3ebed2a)
  • linter: do not print lint results to stdout when "outputPath" is set (#4755) (4133c05)
  • misc: fix @nrwl/nx-plugin migrations (285879c)
  • misc: fix the react-express preset (#4827) (5f22224)
  • misc: restore utils/fileutils to prevent plugins deep importing from breaking (4320c5a)
  • react: add architect to next and gatsby (#4802) (4ae9c3e)
  • react: change css modules class naming convention (6bf245e)
  • react: fix init generators for react (#4787) (2bf04b4)
  • react: fix storybook generator (#4808) (785754e)
  • react: set defaults properly for unitTestRunner and e2eTestRunner (#4781) (871b3c8)
  • react: temporarily remove gatsby preset from create-nx-workspace (#4819) (b5bfbc9)
  • repo: temporary disable flaky tests (e518289)
  • storybook: fix failing unit tests (#4789) (400277b)
  • storybook: fix windows path in storybook configuration (#4818) (95263d7)
  • testing: correct path slashes on Windows for root of cypress project (ae0d744)
  • testing: fix removing libraries that do not have tests (#4706) (b6e9e8b)
  • web: pass opt.sslKey parameter to -K option of http-server (#4703) (f4e6502), closes #4701


  • angular: export angular generators from @nrwl/angular/generators (#4739) (32a64c5)
  • angular: update Angular packages to 11.2.x release (#4788) (e4faaf1)
  • angular: update NgRx packages to 11.0.0-rc.0 (ec45381)
  • angular: update NgRx packages to versions 11 release (#4783) (6be07fb)
  • core: add edges to the dep graph based on package.json files in libs and apps (28c364c)
  • core: add public and build to the list of implicit cached folders for build (14f4fcc)
  • core: default outputs to both prepare and build targets (1a75fd4)
  • gatsby: convert Gatsby schematics to Nx generators (#4763) (2109a06)
  • nextjs: convert Next.js schematics to generators (#4756) (e71cef0)
  • react: migrate @nrwl/web schematics to devkit (#4666) (06f84b3)
  • react: migrate @nrwl/web:build to devkit (#4646) (6bd0c2d)
  • react: migrate @nrwl/web:dev-server to devkit (#4682) (34781a1)
  • react: migrate @nrwl/web:package to devkit (#4697) (7372920)
  • react: remove references to angular devkit from @nrwl/web (#4705) (f880bd2)
  • repo: replace the disucssion issue type with a link to the discussions feature (b974ee0)
  • repo: update nx to 11.3.0-beta.0 (#4715) (023e115)
  • storybook: migrate storybook builders to devkit (#4758) (651f3b6)
  • storybook: migrate storybook schematics to devkit (d51bbe0)
  • storybook: Storybook v6 migration generator for default configurations (0fc65d8)
  • web: set defaults on first application and cleanup generated app (#4722) (a5cb929)
  • web: upgrade to postcss v8 (#4277) (132eb71)

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