yarn @nrwl/cypress 11.2.0
Release 11.2.0

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2 years ago

Bug Fixes

  • angular: check whether project has architect node during migration of eslint (ffe769f)
  • angular: fix anguar lib build (#4578) (2ee7629)
  • angular: Honor buildableProjectDepsInPackageJsonType in package builder (b410064)
  • core: add --legacy-peer-deps to npm installs to handle npm 7 related issues (2604711)
  • core: add output.ts back for third-party plugins using deep imports (1663b2f)
  • core: change all default linter values from tslint to eslint (#4602) (57ae457)
  • core: don't allow pnpm to install with frozen lockfile on CI (ee0d346), closes #4495
  • core: eslint workspaces should not contain codelyzer (#4529) (d0d7cf4)
  • core: fix issues with devkit/workspace on windows (#4615) (5042981)
  • core: handle multiple & hyphen command arguments through --args (bf599d1), closes #2846
  • core: make sure schematic folder migration can be run multiple times (2c51348)
  • core: only do type casting for string values when parsing command line args (3fb9552), closes #4584
  • core: properly set smart defaults on windows (#4616) (e003d52)
  • core: properly set tsconfig path mapping on windows (#4624) (55f6c11)
  • core: readme typo (c1fd7d0)
  • core: refactor reading schema to return impl factories (3c9bc4a)
  • core: support setting parallel in nx.json (a1c4d94), closes #4542
  • core: update jest config correctly when using move schematic (#4501) (bce2c56), closes #4500
  • core: use tmp folder for migrate instead of npx (683d6f4)
  • core: workaround node 12 resolve issue in migration host (764f580)
  • core: wrap cache read to try/catch (d55d6f8), closes #4470
  • linter: allow type imports from lazy-loaded libraries (#4431) (b10e928)
  • misc: fix removing the last project in the jest config (#4576) (d18c0b0)
  • nextjs: support shared assets (1f53431), closes #4552
  • node: use host.delete to delete files for the nest library schematic (#4476) (1c4f23c)
  • react: merge options.output.globals with extraGlobals (#4571) (852d739), closes #3789
  • repo: fix depcheck (a641946)
  • repo: fix dependenies/discrepancies causing e2e tests with PNPM to fail (96625c7)
  • repo: fix failing unit tests in workspace (#4519) (611128d)
  • repo: fix formatting (a565717)
  • repo: fix tests (#4617) (1eda4dc)
  • repo: remove windows executor (8653d37)
  • repo: restore circle config (9a84179)
  • repo: update circle config to run e2e tests (cd2d2c9)
  • storybook: check for presence of architect node on storybook migration (#4591) (57ea3ac), closes #3911
  • web: convert scripts and styles to extra entry points (#4471) (41f10b5), closes #3730


  • angular: update jest-preset-angular to 8.3.2 (9267008)
  • core: add support for number and multiselect prompts (f075b98), closes #4593
  • core: clean up remaining usages of angular devkit (#4610) (0933bca)
  • core: migrate create-nx-workspace to devkit (09c78c4)
  • core: migrate init and run-commands to devkit (#4595) (0055805)
  • core: migrate library to devkit (#4512) (716bb44)
  • core: migrate move to devkit (#4558) (aeec4bd)
  • core: migrate preset to devkit (7066e8b)
  • core: migrate run-commands to devkit (687786f)
  • core: remove angular devkit deps (a25e081)
  • core: support executors returning async iterators (1961bc9)
  • core: warn when using global Nx with PNPM (74b7b53)
  • linter: migrate eslint executor to devkit (#4607) (f25776d)
  • linter: remove tslint from empty workspace and fix tslint support (#4622) (ec758b4)
  • misc: clarify plugin installation instructions (0a20e13)
  • repo: PRs use PNPM & add scheduled matrix for e2e tests (166dc7d)
  • repo: re-enable e2e tests on Windows (eff20a6)
  • repo: support dynamic package manager for e2e tests (c92f4ba)
  • storybook: allow to specify angular target project for storybook (#4099) (504466f)
  • testing: move jest builder to devkit (7482944)
  • testing: update cypress use nx devkit (c40ce8a)

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