yarn @nrwl/cypress 11.1.2
Release 11.1.2

latest releases: 15.9.0-beta.11, 15.8.9, 15.9.0-beta.10...
2 years ago

Bug Fixes

  • core: delete project from root jest config when running remove command (fd93b84), closes #4192
  • core: prioritize local projects over npm when sharing names (f10ba2f)
  • core: run-commands should fail when a command in serial fails (#4477) (82f801b)
  • core: update eslintrc when project is moved (eb0a472), closes #2951
  • core): fix(core: validate options for oneOf rule with factorized type (872ebd8), closes #4484
  • node: support multiple node apps with single frontend (252c649), closes #4215
  • node: use proper watch value with the node:execute executor (#4083) (21bd952)
  • nx-plugin: fix executors typo in plugin template file (f77cfc1)
  • repo: fix unit tests not working on node 15 (04f2abd)
  • repo: temp disable running e2e tests on windows (ac87c59)


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