yarn @nrwl/cypress 11.1.0
Release 11.1.0

latest releases: 15.9.0-beta.11, 15.8.9, 15.9.0-beta.10...
2 years ago

Bug Fixes

  • angular: remove spec file when unitTestRunner is none (cd21e09)
  • core: coerce the property key properties for the schema object (f409835)
  • core: fixing issue with updating imports when moving a project (9dad062)
  • core: print actual config name when using scope host (f907e83)
  • core: respect js option when setting eslint patterns (cbb1972)
  • core: update project in root jest config when running move command (cf7f1c8), closes #4226
  • linter: Respect the "quiet" option (#4330) (755804f)
  • misc: remov peer deps to make npm 7 install work (599923b), closes #4436
  • nextjs: fix an invalid next peer dep (d4b08eb), closes #4436
  • nextjs: use html component from next/document (99d6b83)
  • react: provide option overriding for babel plugins (4193d45)
  • repo: fix broken e2e tests (43d3730)
  • storybook: typo in build output (172bb14)
  • web: handle delete-output-path option (f95f855), closes #4015


  • angular: switch default linter from eslint to tslint when creating a workspace (9303114)
  • angular: update @angular-eslint to v1 (42b61d0)
  • core: add strict as an option to workspace, nest and node lib schematics (32f8f8c)
  • core: add task hash to print-affected result (744ea22)
  • core: better compat layer for angular devkit (0c0a29d)
  • core: export a function returning a normalized workspace config (8cfda00), closes #4305
  • core: provide the task hash as env var (2d3d721)
  • core: refactor dep-graph renderer to use cytoscape (#4000) (fabb6ba)
  • core: set path property based on cwd when running generators (1cb152e)
  • core): feat(core: add other strict flags that are not included in strict (9a38a66)
  • devkit: adds projectName to the executor TargetContext (1291ace)
  • devkit: export logger from @nrwl/devkit (f3cf0bb), closes #4397
  • nextjs: apply experimental-serverless-trace to vercel next configs (#4459) (2a47cdf)
  • repo: run E2E tests on Windows (cmd) (9abdb78)
  • storybook: update storybook config paths for workspace move (4ce1360), closes #3707
  • testing: update cypress to 6.0.1 (#4175) (cdc0bd3)

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