yarn @nrwl/cypress 10.3.0
Release 10.3.0

latest releases: 14.4.6, 15.8.8, 15.9.0-beta.9...
2 years ago


  • There may be some issues for users migrating from 10.2.x, you might see this error: notarget No matching version found for @nrwl/nx-cloud@10.3.0.. Please follow the instructions in the error message and do the following:
    • npm install --save-dev @nrwl/workspace@latest
    • nx migrate @nrwl/workspace@latest --from="@nrwl/workspace@10.2.0"
    • See here for more information

Bug Fixes

  • angular: add tsconfig.editor.json to catch misc files" (#3810) (6885507)
  • angular: fix ng add for angular cli 10.1 (#3771) (ae17586)
  • core: combine npm and project locators to scan files only once (970a60d)
  • core: declare cli as direct dependency (21bbd1e), closes #2944
  • core: enable intelligent tsconfig changes in tsconfig.base.json (#3768) (c2a1946)
  • core: fix decorate angular-cli script to work for production installs (5e8c57a)
  • core: fix lint failures for npm packages (#3827) (f057978)
  • core: fix linter prompt in create-nx-workspace (#3845) (b45734b)
  • core: fix possible memory leak warning from task orchestrator (6d9ff59)
  • core: fix process hanging for ctrl C (#3856) (8e519cd)
  • core: fix resolving projects for imports to '..' (#3846) (655143e)
  • core: fix resolving projects for imports to '.' (#3839) (e688541)
  • core: improve performance of analyzing npm dependencies (#3755) (6603889)
  • core: migrate to latest version of @nrwl/nx-cloud (f0bb232)
  • docs: Misnamed link in sidebar (#3762) (231e666)
  • docs: update image links for console (#3841) (0371657)
  • docs: Updating size of youtube embeds (#3798) (d1f740e)
  • linter: add root .eslintrc.json to implicit deps (#3852) (da6f987)
  • linter: fix performance issues with boundaries lint checks (4a942d9)
  • linter: remove duplicate migration of disabling explicit-module-boundary-types (#3837) (f2585ae)
  • linter: run migration for targets that are not lint (#3850) (ad56f57)
  • linter: use the tsConfig option to find tsconfigs for eslint migration (#3853) (a8db1f7)
  • node: update all webpack-dev-server versions (e50b2c2)
  • node: update yarn vulnerability in webpack-dev-server (a3a4818)
  • nx-plugin: remove root dir in tsconfig from newly generated plugins (be92108)
  • react: calculate npm project dependencies correctly (#3804) (ea71278)
  • repo: add migration for cli dependency (#3820) (01d8c98)
  • repo: lookup for installed plugins in package.json (341cc6b)
  • repo: optimize workspace aux commands test (#3830) (91ca9dd)
  • repo: tests and e2e, enable linting for workspace to set baseline (#3790) (122afe7)
  • repo: update the version of nx-cloud that set NX_BRANCH and NX_RUN_GROUP automatically (7582aab)
  • storybook: fix .eslintrc.json being undefined when adding storybook to project (#3851) (6fb780e)
  • storybook: migration of tsconfig when now tsconfig.lib.json is present (#3786) (b19d293)
  • web: adding missing @rollup/plugin-json dependency (#3783) (c382feb)


  • core: add flag to set dependant libs in either peerDependencies or dependencies (#3078) (3f436fc)
  • core: add user-friendly error on invalid input (adc34f8)
  • core: sort dependencies and devDependencies (#3806) (c3334d0)
  • core: update recommended extensions for new workspaces (#3823) (ac1a0e2)
  • core: update to typescript 4 (#3814) (232fd9f)
  • docs: Adding videos for Angular tutorials (#3787) (c9e167b)
  • docs: Adding videos for React tutorials (#3791) (6e76488)
  • linter: add explicit file extension to config files (#3847) (e339ece)
  • linter: new eslint builder (#3834) (e22f937)
  • misc: add linter flag to create-nx-workspace (#3826) (c25628a)
  • repo: check package dependencies on CI (9153007)
  • repo: update to Nx 10.2.1 (#3757) (38cf2a8)
  • repo: update to nx 10.3 (#3840) (6c4aacf)
  • storybook: add support for Storybook v6 (5da9e66)
  • storybook: storybook config projectType application (#2382) (#3611) (9efa305)
  • testing: add projects into jest config (#3766) (e6e2dc6)

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