yarn @nrwl/cypress 10.1.0
Release 10.1.0

latest releases: 15.9.0-beta.11, 15.8.9, 15.9.0-beta.10...
2 years ago

Bug Fixes

  • angular: generate storybook configuration with proper linter (#3580) (d796731)
  • core: add a workaround for potential bugs in git hasher (#3521) (ab96bcc)
  • core: do not run update task if package is not installed (#3523) (3b1a9b6)
  • core: dont override sigint (34df63d)
  • core: explicitly store workspace files instead of deriving them from hashes (f93346f)
  • core: honor workspace layout with workspace move schematic (921b781)
  • core: remove defaultProject in workspace when removing project (fb01c40), closes #3511
  • core: respect nxignore when using git hashing (b03a5d8)
  • core: tests (bf3661e)
  • core: update copy-webpack-plugin (#3514) (0644c6b), closes #3506
  • core: use tsconfig.*?.json in root eslintrc (#3447) (4b646ec)
  • docs: fix broken link in Computational Cache tutorial (#3582) (a409a2c)
  • docs: fix typo in tutorials (7476fdf)
  • docs: github links (621cef9)
  • misc: allow --js flag to be passed to @nrwl/web:lib schematic (#3230) (afd99b2), closes #2985
  • misc: format only workspace projects with libs-and-apps (#3498) (9c5028e)
  • misc: increase buffer limit of run-commands (f96377b)
  • nextjs: fix Next.js schematics to support dynamic routes and remove unnecessary next plugins (as of 9.5) (#3574) (9f35646), closes #2478 #2490
  • node: add srcRootForCompilationRoot option for node package builder (#3564) (7407aa4)
  • node: do not include rootDir in tsconfig.lib.json (#3545) (3f6aae5)
  • repo: fix broken tests (b1a0117)
  • repo: registry is set incorrectly when using --local (#3513) (498e23f)
  • testing: add jest migration for 10.1.0 (#3566) (31128c3)
  • web: clean output bewtween builds (#3544) (c8cb3ce), closes #3466
  • web: clean output bewtween library builds (#3547) (7fcf136)
  • web: remove duplicate copy webpack plugin (#3556) (d4fe781)


  • core: add scan to list of supported flags (a71dd85)
  • core: support globs for file paths in implicitDependencies (#3554) (e859264), closes #625
  • nextjs: update nextjs and related packages to current version (9.5.1) (#3485) (4e06d83)
  • node: add nest schematics with project option (#3304) (028e54e)
  • testing: pass reporter and reporterOptions to cypress builder (#3536) (78ed02c)
  • testing: update jest to v26 (#3449) (2569b02)

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