yarn @nrwl/cypress 10.0.0
Release 10.0.0

latest releases: 15.9.2, 15.9.1, 15.9.0...
2 years ago

Bug Fixes

  • angular: add the root directory to the "resolvePaths" option when creating the NodeWorkflow (800bf15), closes #3233
  • angular: allow for existing .prettierignore when adding Nx (#3329) (68aa782), closes #3192
  • angular: check for file to exist in decorate script (#3301) (39963e4), closes #3186
  • angular: check for spec files when generating a library (#3323) (a593573), closes #3286
  • angular: correct typo in NgRx reducer template (#3266) (63701b0)
  • angular: use isObservable to prevent errors due to rxjs version mismatch (#3331) (d755f61)
  • core: add eslint-plugin-nx to workspace package group (fd89c35)
  • core: add linter to workspace package group (dc6b527)
  • core: fix dep-graph crosshair svg not available (#3362) (e1fd059)
  • core: fix runNxNewCommand so plugin e2e tests will work. (#3267) (8714305), closes #3253
  • core: fix solution tsconfig migration (#3312) (7686a39)
  • core: forward sigint in task orchestrator (#3330) (c0ef325)
  • core: increase maxBuffer when invoking git to get file hashes (6553c17)
  • core: migrate implicitDependencies that reference tsconfig.json (#3361) (30d4bbd)
  • core: resolve webpack loaders with require.resolve() (#3341) (d74ab4e)
  • core: run package.json migration for angular v10 (#3289) (f9d6ace)
  • misc: regenerate yarn.lock without the local registry url (#3290) (695a841)
  • nx-plugin: don't add duplicate migrations.json asset entries (#3280) (9b418b0)
  • react: fix differential loading in ES6 only Web/React apps (#3319) (9a56501)
  • react: fix object destructuring with async-await for buildable libs (#3308) (a6db5fa), closes #3202
  • react: move url-loader to the react package.json (#3356) (8386574)
  • repo: fix unit test script (db4d124)
  • repo: relax the angular package test so it doesn't break between versions (#3306) (b489479)
  • repo: update the repo to nx 10 (5d53661)
  • testing: fix nest unit test (#3327) (d5838fd)
  • testing: resolve jestconfig and add globals.ts-jest if needed for migration (#3336) (12a407f)


  • core: add cwd and outputPath options for run-commands schematic (#3333) (f110ccf)
  • core: add filtering arguments to dep-graph CLI (#3171) (4968b6e)
  • core: add lint target to tao and fix lint errors (675000d)
  • core: add perf logging (a5ee1db)
  • core: add text filtering to dep-graph visualization (840b7de)
  • core: redesign workspace file hashing (67dda10)
  • core: remove fast-levenshtein dep from tao (aecba50)
  • core: switch over to angular 10 (#3056) (a7b7af2)
  • core: use custom output logging for configuration out of sync errors (4e0417f)
  • nest: update @nestjs/schematics dependency to 7 (#3300) (11b3d77)
  • react: generate React apps with <React.StrictMode> by default to catch potential problems (#3340) (24f5441)
  • react: remove IE 11 and old browsers from default config in React/Web Schematics (#3321) (c5426d4)


  • core: Dependency graph will now default to having no projects selected if run without filtering arguments

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