yarn @nrwl/angular 16.3.0-beta.6

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12 days ago

16.3.0-beta.6 (2023-05-24)

Bug Fixes

  • core: consistent pnpm lockfile v6 version parsing (#17135) (60dda1a)
  • core: tree should not be changed after committed to disk in migrations (#17071) (f95f8c4)
  • nextjs: kill Next.js server when parent process exits (1fd7836)
  • storybook: increase e2e test timeouts (#17176) (fc38dc1)


  • core: add a variety of usages for nx show (#17073) (5ef9ea6)
  • core: expose the task graph in the executor context (#17111) (8f6fcf2)
  • react: run remote serve in parallel to speed up server startup (#17112) (c97502a)

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