yarn @next/eslint-plugin-next 14.2.0-canary.52

latest releases: 14.3.0-canary.22, 14.2.3, 14.3.0-canary.21...
23 days ago

Core Changes

  • fix logic error in parallel route catch-all normalization: #63879
  • ensure custom amp validator path is used if provided: #63940
  • chore: remove useless any: #63910
  • Update hover behaviour note in Link JSDoc comment: #60525

Example Changes

  • fix: file name in with-zustand example: #63925

Misc Changes

  • Skip failing Turbopack build test: #63814
  • Add job to test flakiness of added/changed tests: #63943
  • Tweak flakey on-demand revalidate test: #63953


Huge thanks to @timneutkens, @ztanner, @CreeJee, @nphmuller, @ijjk, and @ademilter for helping!

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