yarn @next/eslint-plugin-next 14.2.0-canary.43

latest releases: 14.3.0-canary.22, 14.2.3, 14.3.0-canary.21...
one month ago

Core Changes

  • fix(dev-overlay): align codeframe to formatIssue: #63624
  • Improve TypeScript plugin for server boundary: #63667
  • perf: conditionally import Telemetry: #63574
  • feat(error-overlay): style tweaks: #63522
  • Auto map optimizePackageImports to transpilePackages for pages: #63537
  • Add Next.js version to process title: #63686

Documentation Changes

  • Remove obsolete block-all-mixed-content CSP directive: #63595
  • Update middleware docs to include common use cases : #63534

Example Changes

  • chore(examples): migrate mdx from pages router (JS) to app router (TS): #63646

Misc Changes

  • Skip test/integration development tests during Turbopack build test run: #63671
  • Enable test/integration for TURBOPACK_BUILD: #63679
  • Add defaults for integration test run schedule: #63684
  • refactor: unnecessary ternary operator: #63374


Huge thanks to @kwonoj, @Juneezee, @shuding, @timneutkens, @grajen3, @balazsorban44, @ijjk, @StephDietz, @michaltarasiuk, and @ariannargesi for helping!

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