yarn @next/bundle-analyzer 13.4.4-canary.2

latest releases: 13.4.5-canary.0, 13.4.4, 13.4.4-canary.13...
4 days ago

Core Changes

  • Fix env variables set in next.config.js: #50179
  • Add warning for edge with force-static: #50182
  • fix: add missing draftMode type to GetServerSidePropsContext: #50184
  • Fix react fetch deduping without next cache: #50187
  • Fix pages react alias: #50128

Example Changes

  • Clerk example updates: #50021
  • Fix TypeScript error in with-mongodb example: #50094


Huge thanks to @devagrawal09, @ibrahemid, @ijjk, @styfle, and @huozhi for helping!

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