yarn @next/bundle-analyzer 13.4.4-canary.1

13 months ago

Core Changes

  • feat(turbopack): initial sass-loader support: #49882
  • update test snapshots: #50159

Documentation Changes

  • Update app-static-to-dynamic-error.md: #50085
  • Update invalid-new-link-with-extra-anchor.md: #50036

Example Changes

  • fix: use node copyFile for cross-platform support: #48740

Misc Changes

  • [create-next-app]: respecting the user's init.defaultBranch git con…: #49960
  • Update swc_core to v0.76.18: #50137
  • Failing tests for 404 back/forward: #50047


Huge thanks to @kwonoj, @lycuid, @MarkAtOmniux, @darshkpatel, @johnta0, @kdy1, @sokra, and @timneutkens for helping!

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