yarn @mui/icons-material 5.15.1

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5 months ago

Dec 19, 2023

A big thanks to the 15 contributors who made this release possible.
This release was mostly about 🐛 bug fixes and 📚 documentation improvements.


  • ​[CardActions][DialogActions] Apply margin for all children except for 1st child (#40168) @sai6855
  • ​[TablePagination] Add ability to change icons in TablePaginationActions using slots and slotProps (#33797) @pratikkarad
  • ​[CssVarsProvider] Fix HSL breaking button styles (#39869) @gitstart


  • ​[FormControl] Fix issue with the conditional setting of htmlFor and id attributes not functioning properly for form labels (#40180) @ReaZzy
  • ​[typescript] Address TypeScript issue with custom zIndex not functioning (#40133) @qiweiii




All contributors of this release in alphabetical order: @danilo-leal, @gitstart, @MBilalShafi, @mbrookes, @mnajdova, @oliviertassinari, @possibilities, @pratikkarad, @qiweiii, @ReaZzy, @s8990, @sai6855, @sjdemartini, @zanivan, @ZeeshanTamboli

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