yarn @mui/icons-material 5.15.0

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5 months ago

Dec 11, 2023

A big thanks to the 15 contributors who made this release possible. Here are some highlights ✨:


  • ​Revert "[Select][material-ui] Add name to hidden input element" (#40174) @mj12albert
  • ​[material-ui] Refactor ComponentsVariants type into a generic (#39623) @blakenetz



  • ​[Badge][material-next] Apply new OwnerState type to Badge (#40119) @lhilgert9
  • ​[material-next][ButtonGroup] Change ButtonGroup files to ts (#39794) @lhilgert9



  • ​[base-ui] useControllableReducer warns when controlled props become uncontrolled (and vice versa) (#39096) @mj12albert


  • ​[joy-ui][Radio][Input] Fix inheritance of disabled prop (#39934) @sai6855


  • ​[lab][LoadingButton] LoadingButton now inherits props from ButtonGroup (#39679) @lhilgert9


  • ​[docs] Fix reference to non-existent checkmark in supported-components.md (#40056) @mbrookes
  • ​[docs][base-ui] Add copy button & primary color picker to the component gallery page (#39884) @mnajdova
  • ​[docs-infra] Update CodeSandbox links (#39992) @anle9650
  • ​[material-ui][docs] Fix wrong root element for emotion styles in shadow DOM (#35326) @EloB
  • ​[material-ui][docs] Move the responsive font charts from recharts to MUI X (#40097) @alexfauquette
  • ​[joy-ui][templates] Remove outdated code (#40095) @zanivan
  • ​[material-ui][docs][Popper] Update Positioned Popper demo styles (#40170) @sai6855


All contributors of this release in alphabetical order: @abreel, @alexfauquette, @anle9650, @blakenetz, @danilo-leal, @EloB, @lhilgert9, @mbrookes, @mikailaread, @mj12albert, @mnajdova, @sai6855, @siriwatknp, @zanivan, @ZeeshanTamboli

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