yarn @mui/icons-material 5.14.8

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8 months ago

Sep 5, 2023

A big thanks to the 25 contributors who made this release possible.



  • ​[Autocomplete] Type multiple values with readonly arrays. (#38253) @pcorpet
  • ​[TextField] Fix unstable height of memoized multiline TextField component (#37135) @amal-qb




  • ​[system] Fix the inconsistent types of the mergeBreakpointsInOrder function (#38749) @imevanc
  • ​[system] Fix maxWidth incorrectly resolving breakpoints with non-pixel units (#38633) @mj12albert
  • ​[typescript] Introduce *OwnProps interfaces for components (#36798) @szalonna



All contributors of this release in alphabetical order: @alexfauquette, @alisasanib, @amal-qb, @anle9650, @anon-phantom, @bharatkashyap, @brijeshb42, @christophermorin, @danilo-leal, @flaviendelangle, @imevanc, @jyash97, @mbrookes, @michaldudak, @mj12albert, @oliviertassinari, @omriklein, @pcorpet, @rajgop1, @ruflair, @sai6855, @siriwatknp, @szalonna, @zanivan, @ZeeshanTamboli

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