yarn @mui/icons-material 5.10.6

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20 months ago

Sep 19, 2022

A big thanks to the 11 contributors who made this release possible.
This release was mostly about 🐛 bug fixes and 📚 documentation improvements.



Breaking changes

  • [button][joy] Replace start/endIcon prop with start/endDecorator (#34288) @hbjORbj

    BREAKING CHANGE: replace start/endIcon with start/endDecorator.

    // before
    <Button startIcon={...} endIcon={...} />
    // after
    <Button startDecorator={...} endDecorator={...} />



Breaking changes

  • [Select][base] Add event parameter to the onChange callback (#34158) @michaldudak

    The SelectUnstyled and MultiSelectUnstyled onChange callbacks did not have event as the first parameter, leading to inconsistency with other components and native HTML elements.
    This PR adds the event parameter as the first one and moves the newly selected value to the second position. Because of this, it's a breaking change.
    This also affects Select from Joy UI.

    // before
    <SelectUnstyled onChange={(newValue) => { /* ... */ }} />
    // after
    <SelectUnstyled onChange={(event, newValue) => { /* ... */ }} />



All contributors of this release in alphabetical order: @alexfauquette, @flaviendelangle, @hbjORbj, @Janpot, @michaldudak, @oliviertassinari, @renovate[bot], @samuelsycamore, @siriwatknp, @tomasz-sodzawiczny, @ZeeshanTamboli

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