yarn @mui/icons-material 5.0.4

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2 years ago

Oct 14, 2021

A big thanks to the 17 contributors who made this release possible. Here are some highlights ✨:

  • 🧪 Added UnstyledInput and useInput hook in the the first component in @mui/core package @michaldudak (#28053)
  • 🐛 Fixed many bugs and improved the documentation 📚.


  • ​[Chip] disable ripple only if onDelete is present. (#29034) @mottox2
  • ​[Pagination] Fix clicking on ... triggering onChange with page value null (#28884) @ZeeshanTamboli
  • ​[Tabs] Alternative way to disable ":first-child is unsafe" error (#28982) @hbjORbj
  • ​[Tabs] Fix ":first-child is potentially unsafe" error (#28890) @hbjORbj
  • ​[transitions] Mark children as required where nullish children would crash at runtime (#29028) @eps1lon




  • ​[DesktopDatePicker] add Paper props to pass down to Paper component (#28865) @amen-souissi



All contributors of this release in alphabetical order: @amen-souissi, @benmneb, @epodol, @eps1lon, @goncalovf, @hbjORbj, @Jareechang, @kgregory, @michaldudak, @mnajdova, @mottox2, @officialpiyush, @phudekar, @siriwatknp, @tanyabouman, @visualfanatic, @ZeeshanTamboli

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