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2 years ago

Sep 1, 2021

A big thanks to the 18 contributors who made this release possible. Here are some highlights ✨:

  • 🎉 Renamed packages to @mui/* as part of rebranding the company, following the strategy of expanding the library scope beyond Material Design. For more details about it, check the GitHub discussion.

  • 🛠 Added mui-replace codemod for migrating @material-ui/* to new packages @mui/*. Check out this codemod detail or head to migration guide

  • 🧪 Added new <Mansory> component to the lab, check it out. It has been crafted by our first intern, @hbjORbj 👏!


Breaking changes

  • ​[core] Rename packages (#28049) @mnajdova

    replace @material-ui/* prefix with @mui/*:

    @material-ui/system -> @mui/system
    @material-ui/styles -> @mui/styles
    @material-ui/lab -> @mui/lab
    @material-ui/types -> @mui/types
    @material-ui/styled-engine -> @mui/styled-engine
    @material-ui/styled-engine-sc ->@mui/styled-engine-sc
    @material-ui/private-theming -> @mui/private-theming
    @material-ui/codemod -> @mui/codemod

    except these 3 packages that are renamed.

    @material-ui/core => @mui/material        // represents Material Design components.
    @material-ui/icons => @mui/icons-material // represents Material Design icons.
    @material-ui/unstyled => @mui/core        // fully functional components and hooks with no/minimum styles.

    Note: @mui/core (previously @material-ui/unstyled) is not the same as @material-ui/core.

    We encourage you to use the codemod for smooth migration.







  • ​[eslint-plugin-material-ui] Only require translation of word characters and not API (#28043) @eps1lon
  • ​[core] Use lintable pattern for debounced callbacks (#27985) @eps1lon
  • ​[core] Remove file-wide disables of no-use-before-define (#27984) @eps1lon
  • ​[core] Improve release:changelog script (#27941) @eps1lon
  • ​[core] Enforce curly braces for block statements (#27946) @eps1lon
  • ​[test] Disable browserstack for PRs (#28041) @eps1lon

All contributors of this release in alphabetical order: @aaronlademann-wf, @bene-we, @chetas411, @eps1lon, @flaviendelangle, @hbjORbj, @iamhosseindhv, @m4theushw, @michaldudak, @mnajdova, @oliviertassinari, @rajzik, @rsxdalv, @siriwatknp, @StefanBRas, @StefanTobler, @tdmiller1, @vedadeepta

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