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2 years ago

Sep 16, 2021

After over 400 days of development and over 40 canary releases, we are excited to introduce MUI Core v5.0.0!

Some statistics with the release of v5.0.0 compared to the one of v4.0.0:

  • 5,832 new commits
  • From 2M downloads/month to 9.5M downloads/month on npm
  • From 350k users/month to 700k users/month on the documentation

A big thanks to the 600+ contributors who made the release possible!

The 5.0.0 version includes all changes done in the alpha, beta, and rc releases listed below.
These are the changes done from the last release candidate version (5.0.0-rc.1):




  • ​[codemod] Fix jss-to-styled to support other export class, function etc. (#28321) @jedwards1211




All contributors of this release in alphabetical order: @aghArdeshir, @Aurelain, @eps1lon, @goncalovf, @jedwards1211, @m4theushw, @mbrookes, @michaldudak, @mnajdova, @nikitabobers, @praveenkumar-kalidass, @siriwatknp, @sydneyjodon-wk, @tamboliasir1, @tholman, @zadeviggers, @ZeeshanTamboli

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