yarn @gorhom/bottom-sheet 4.2.0
Release 4.2.0

latest releases: 4.5.1, 4.5.0, 5.0.0-alpha.4...
19 months ago


  • feat: allow unsafe usage for useBottomSheetInternal & useBottomSheetModalInternal (#740)(by @jembach)
  • feat: add useBottomSheetInternal_unsafe & useBottomSheetModalInternal_unsafe to access context

  • chore: export hooks useBottomSheetInternal_unsafe and useBottomSheetModalInternal_unsafe

  • refactor: combined unsafe hooks with default hooks using an argument

  • chore(useBottomSheetInternal): use function overloading instead of interface

  • chore(useBottomSheetModalInternal): use function overloading instead of interface

  • chore: fixed spacing

Co-authored-by: gorhom <gorhom.dev@gmail.com> (1bf6139).


  • chore: fixed types import from reanimated (831df9c).
  • chore: fixed types import (95cb80d).
  • chore: exported useBottomSheetModalInternal hook (31eb738).

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