yarn @gorhom/bottom-sheet 4.1.6
Release 4.1.6

latest releases: 4.5.1, 4.5.0, 5.0.0-alpha.4...
19 months ago


  • chore: updated react native to 0.68 (b4614bd).
  • chore: updated reanimated to 2.8 (c1e6847).
  • chore: added native screens example (1cf46c0).
  • chore: updated react native portal library (955b774).
  • chore: updated portal to 1.0.12 (0010008).
  • chore: replaced blacklist with exclusionList (#649)(by @aleppos) (e3881b3).
  • chore: export BottomSheetFooterContainer component (4f63b0d).


  • fix: always update container height to avoid races. (#919)(by @elan)

Updating a shared values is an asynchronous operation, so if two layouts happen in quick succession, we can miss an update. (3245b23).

  • fix: always update handle height to avoid races.(related #919) (dbf8945).


  • docs: updated the readme file (d951b17).

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