yarn @gorhom/bottom-sheet 2.4.0
Release 2.4.0

latest releases: 4.5.1, 4.5.0, 5.0.0-alpha.4...
2 years ago


  • feat: add custom accessibility support (#1)

  • feat: add accessibility support to BottomSheet

  • feat: add accessibility support to BottomSheetBackdrop

  • feat: add custom accessibility to BottomSheetHandle

  • feat: add BottomSheetHandle export to index.ts

  • Feature/custom accessibility (#2)

  • fix: rename announceChangeForAccessibility to enableAccessibilityChangeAnnouncement

  • fix: add 'import type' where needed

  • fix: type import (7b1bcd8).


  • chore: remove unnecessary useMemo (#413).
  • chore: updated examples & add shadow example (#394).
  • chore: updated package dependencies (32c04e1).
  • chore: added stale to github actions (71993f0).
  • chore: added delete dts files script (181eb40).


  • docs: renamed react-naigation.md to react-navigation.md (#541).
  • docs: updated React Navigation example link (#400).
  • docs: updated website (#381).
  • docs: delete old website folder (9e5c07c).
  • docs: added adding shadow guide (5a28241).
  • docs: updated website and readme (7f5e8d2).
  • docs: updated readme file (8a09ed3).
  • docs: fixed website build (224816e).
  • docs: fix incorrect title of useBottomSheetTimingConfigs section(#455) (d82ce16).

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