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18.0.0-rc.3 (2024-05-21)


Commit Description
fix - 33d0102304 allow comments between connected blocks (#55966)
fix - eba92cfa55 prevent usage of reserved control flow symbol in custom interpolation context. (#55809)


Commit Description
fix - 69a83993b3 do not throw when retrieving TCB symbol for signal input with restricted access (#55774)
fix - 4f4f41016e dom property binding check in signal extended diagnostic (#54324)
fix - 8d93597a82 fix type narrowing of @if with aliases (#55835)


Commit Description
fix - 0cbd73c6e9 add warning when using zoneless but zone.js is still loaded (#55769)
fix - 69085ea26e error about provideExperimentalCheckNoChangesForDebug uses wrong name (#55824)
fix - 0147e0b85a exhaustive checkNoChanges should only do a single pass (#55839)


Commit Description
fix - e598634c10 remove controllerchange listener when app is destroyed (#55365)

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